Saturday, December 08, 2007

A year ago today

Me and BJ turn up after enjoying pints and burgers and a mad dash for forgotten accessories (my belt and shoes). This was after i was admonished by my mother for not wearing a tie which in turn caused my father to rip his tie off to use as a belt (he too had forgotten his belt). He stated that no one would notice, but then spent the rest of the day asking people "Do you like my belt?"

As the string quartet played, the lovely bride treads the aisle

The day was a 42 degree scorcher so we had to do some last minute re-arranging, ergo the ceremony in the shade.

And married

Post photos rehydration

Joining the ceremony fun

The night was relaxed with people enjoying the much cooler evening. About 60 of close friends and family joined the festivities, including 14 that made the trip from the old country. I made a knob of myself in my speech by using the phrase "if you ever wake up with a hooker, call me, sorry, shit i mean dead hooker" and then doing a rather embarrassing/cute shuffle/wedding dance.

It was a good day

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Instantaneous II - Quick recap

I'll probably do a better, more accurate recap later on when i get the details but

  • 45 pieces were auctioned
  • about 300 people turned up (but i'm bad at guessing these things it could have been 150)
  • All the pieces sold
  • I liked the free red wine, as did Evil Dan. Emma didn't like the free red wine, as did Dan's mum.
  • the highest was $500 for a piece by Team Radelaier Clare Oakes
  • the lowest was $65 (i think)
  • Everyone liked the Rose
  • My piece sold for $170
  • The average price was about $130
  • So over $5000 was raised
  • that' will provide about 1000 meals at the Adelaide Soup Kitchen
  • I forgot to take photos, but everyone would have looked awesome
  • I bought a piece of Owen Heitmann's art
  • no my mum didn't buy my piece
  • You can still see the exhibition until December 23rd, upstairs at the Grace Emily
  • I'll try and get scans of the top sellers

Secret Santas are kind of dumb and annoying

Essentially, Secret Santas are kind of dumb and annoying

Saturday, December 01, 2007

ebay feedback

Sellers who wait for feedback before providing feedback are knobs.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Australian Comics Podcast

After a bit of a wait Maggie, Komala, Practice and myself are back for a new Australian comics podcast a look back at con season and some aussie comic releases.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Instantaneous II

Next Tuesday, 4th of December at the Grace Emily, Pulp Fiction Comics is present the second Instantaneous exhibit charity auction.

The first Instantaneous went well, raising $1800 for Adelaide Soup Kitchens.

The second Instantaneous promises plenty of wine, 35 pieces of art that will be auctioned by a professional auctioneer. Peter from Pulp Fiction has also spread the word to a lot of the art news places in Adelaide so it should be a good night.

More details at the Pulp Fiction Comics website and Facebook

I have another piece in it and I hope it sells.

On a related note, December 1st is the monthly Panel and Gutters comics drink up at the Grace Emily so if you like comics - turn up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rooftops Launch

Everyone knows I adore Mandy Ord's work, so I think its awesome that she has another book being launched by a publisher.

So if you are in Melbourne and have the slightest interest in good comics, go to Brunswick Bound on Saturday 1st of December at 2pm.

If you can't make it, then original art will be displayed for the next month.

If you go say Hi from me, and then give a girly giggle.

Other Melbourne creators plan on having their monthly drinks somewhere in the neighborhood.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Comics Rehab - Australian Comic Creators creating comics

Some great great comic creators are taking part in Comics Rehab, where they must work through their issues and make 4 panels every four days.

It also means we get new comics from David Tang (Knee Pockets), Amber Carvan (Brick Dog and Other stories) and Claire Robertson('How Comics can change the world' - which i need to dig up and do a follow up) and BowB, who I'm not familar with.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mo! its NOvember

I have a complete inability to grow facial hair so today is the first day of NOvember.
As in

"Hey Mark, you gonna grow a 'stache?"

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sureshot Presents - Reviewed

Johnny Boy, Italian lad living in Japan reviews Sureshot Presents.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Cellar, seriously

Pretty much every friday, for the past 2 years whenever i was asked what am i doing on the weekend, i replied "Working on the cellar". Last month i finished it.

When we bought the house there was a door that went to a small cavity under the house. It was about 3 feet high, 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep. We used it as garden tool storage. I don't have any 'before photos', ok I do but they involve me in my PJs finding xmas presents.

I had my wine stored at my mums' place, but with her retiring i didn't trust her with my collection. So I started digging. Or chipping. The "soil" was essentially clay and rock and the area was so confined that i couldn't swing an pick. I started with a hammer and chisel and then slowly progressed to get a pick happening. I'd chisel and pick the dirt lose and scoop it in to buckets left over from grouting the bathroom and make a pile in the backyard.

18 months into the dig, The Big D visited and had a look and said "Marko, a hammer drill would make easier". So after a $50 hammer drill purchase i discovered in 4 weekends i could dig about the same as it took 9 months.
1) The floor to dining room, which i swear is still perfectly level, I don't care what the spirit level says.
2)Em had an awesome idea of using perspex/pvc sheet to show how much got dug and the cool dirt. All the supports were welded by me.
3)I removed a brickwall that was supporting the dining room floor and replaced it with a big heavy beam and posts. Also where i taught myself welding.
4)The height of the original dirt floor. I pretty much dug about 5 tonnes of dirt.
5)Paved floor courtesy of Emma because I had a dummyspit due to her not being able to decide on the paver pattern.

All in all the space is about 3x4 metres with 40% shelving. The wine is all databased and its location is documented.

1) The crappy chinese lanterns were not my idea. I have to fix the lighting and electrical (get rid of the cord wrapped around the beam and so forth) but electrical and car stuff bore me to tears and i just can't make the effort to learn. Plus its hard to kill yourself welding, plumbing, tiling, sheet metaling, etc but having been shocked 3 times working in construction, i'd rather leave it to others.
2)Cheap MDF + left over timber floor stain = sweet finish
3)The ethnic artifacts were my idea
What you don't see is i had to mix and pour 350 kilos of cement to act as a step from the small door to the floor. You can't see the bull horns above the door either.

So what do you do with five tonnes of dirt? Apparently landscape the backyard (my idea was have a big pile of dirt).

Here's me getting rid of one bucket, it was followed by another 150 or so. The tree in the foreground got chopped down - it was only 3 metres from the house and over 10 metres high. So it had to go any way, it also meant that i spent 3 weekends chopping wood.

This is the "after" picture. Em's comment is "The after shot is supposed to look better than the before shot". 5 Tonnes wasn't enough to fill the space so i had to dig another 1-2 tonne from the bottom of the block and carry it up (our block drops 11 metres from the front to the back).
1)Where the tree was, now replaced by a wonky clothesline that doesn't matter how much cement or welding i do to still wonks.
2)It took 3 months (12 weekends) to build all this. The timber sleepers have pins through them that hold it all together. Each hole for the pin took about 45 minutes to drill. To save time i didn't bother putting pins right in the corner. When i put in all the dirt the corner subsequently split. So in an effort to save 3 hours of work, i had to spend 3 days digging the sides out, rebracing it with crappy looking strap and refilling it all.

And that's that project done.
Next the Deck. Or stairs from the road to the house. Or amphitheater and firepit/lamb spit.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rosa rose parla amore - Nonna (1994)

Unfortunately a death in the family can bring the worst of people, but positively, the very best as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Killeroo commits Homicide in the City

I don't know why but i "found" screen captures of Killeroo #2 appearance in last monday's (8/10/07) episode of City Homicide (all of 1.5 seconds worth).

Whilst I swear I didn't watch the episode, from what i scanned the presence of the comic makes no sense - its owned by a 50 year old cripple/serial killer. Actually maybe it does make sense.

Didn't Killeroo also appear in Water Rats or Stingers? Or was that The Watch?

Monday, October 08, 2007

This should go in my facebook question thing, but all the same

If i wanted to buy cool tshirts online from Australian sources i would look where?
(Please don't say google)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Red J's Horoscope says Gemini

Lying in the Gutters' reports that local artist Jon "Red J" Sommariva is working with Jay Faeber on a book for Image called Gemini.

And it does look nice

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eating Steve with an Egg; New Australian Graphic Novel released

Marc J Schmidt, a New South Wales resident, who previously released the cute Egg Story in 2004 through SLG is releasing a new GN this October titled Eating Steve.

For some reason i thought it was about lesbians but its about zombies. Here's a preview.

Your comic shop probably didn't order it so go ask for it, then wait a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Grants do happen to comic folk

Congratulations to Liz/Azuhru for getting grant cash money to fly to the San Diego ComicCon. Once there she'll have to do stuff like schmooze editors and most likely carouse with other creator, I look forward to reading her articles on

Thursday, September 27, 2007

AEIOU should go to the VOWELS launch

Gestalt Publishing will be having a launch party for their second book Vowels by Skye Odgen on friday 27th of September.

Taking place at Planet Books, 642-648 Beaufort St Mount Lawley WA, it will be presided by Ben Templesmith (or Brian) and there will be beer and nibbles. They'll also be music.

More info at the Gestalt Site

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Gatsby was Great

I've finished Nicky Greenberg's adaption of The Great Gatsby and was thoroughly impressed. It is a beautiful book, and it is incredibly apparent how much love and care went into its creation. I haven't read the original, nor seen the movie Redford movie - quite honestly I only knew the book by title and little else so i can't compare it with the source material. But it is quite the mesmerizing read, and i did almost get teary at the end.

I'd recommend it to anyone, comic fan or not.

One nigglying aspect that I can't answer without reading the source material is how does this differ to the book. In regards to the hypertextuality what is the point of the 'graphic novel' adaption. It is obviously a work of love, the creator spending many years working on the art (5-7 years apparently) and creators should be able to create what they like (and not be dictated to by dickheads like myself) but i ask myself, what does this add to the 'great gatsby' mythos?

When Van Sant redid Pyscho, it added a little to the story (wanking Norman) and it also showed that good movies and film techniques don't date. The ending Fincher's adaption of Fight Club differs to Palahniuk's book but provides a different subtext.

Its possible I think too much and i should just accept a great book for what it is and stop looking for bigger pictures.

anyway, highly recommended

Friday, September 14, 2007


In one month's time Armageddon is happening in Melbourne and Supanova is happening in Sydney.

But did you know that next year Supanova's in Melbourne - March 28-30, Brisbane - April 4-6, Sydney - June 20-22, Perth - June 27-29? Well they are so competition is good.

Next year, Armageddon is in Sydney in April and Melbourne in October (or the other way round, actually i think its the other way around)

I have no affiliation with either cons, I've pretty much declared I'm not going to Supanova again (but i was grumpy at the time - and i'm fickle) and I had a rant about Bill's (the main dude at Armageddon's) actions on the web (essentially churlish passive aggressiveness).

With that out of the way

Artist Alley
Snova - 1 x 1.8m table + 3 chairs = $220
geddon - 1 x 1m table + 1 chair = $100

If you share a table (split costs) or have heaps of gear, snova wins.
(numbers may be wrong but close enough)

Comic Guests
Early on Armageddon had this one won, but Ed Brubaker pulled out and his replacement Greg Rucka pulled out too. They now have Gail Simone as their big guest, with Jimmy Palmiotti another great guest. Amanda Connor and David Wohl round out the international Guests. Nicola Scott is the only Australian creator, though a very good one at that.

Supanova went to bat with Dan Didio and Ben Templesmith a very big score; Dan would appeal to DC fans and creators. Templesmith has a movie opening that month as well (30 Days of Night) which would be a boon for media coverage. But they both pulled out (Didio for family reasons - which must be massive because of the 2 months notice) and Templesmith is in Hollywood walking the red carpet. There were rumours of a Marvel creator and editor showing up, but that didn't eventuate. The biggest guest now is Stan Lee, who is doing a video link up 9am Saturday morning, the early time is because Stan doesn't work past 5pm LA time, I assume its happy hour for seniors at the local Flashdancers. Actual people coming include Marv Wolfman, Whilce Portacio (which does makes my inner fanboy squeal) and Brandon Peterson. Someone called Nate Butler is also coming, he's done kids books (muppets, looney tunes, etc) (and appears to be a Born Again). Besides Portacio, not terribly exciting, none of them are releasing anything curently. On the local guests front, there is some good representation David Yardin, Queenie Chan and Madeline Rosca, Stewart McKenny, Chewie Chan, and Chris Sequeria. Only Yardin, Chan and Rosca are working consistently on international comics (at the moment).

So interms of international comic guests, its Armageddon with a win. In terms of Australian creators its Supanova's show.
All up, Snova by a nose.

International guests
I usually don't care, I'm not into the majority of pop culture, so bgrade actors and general has beens don't impress. Though i do recognise its these guests that get punters buying tickets. So in those terms Armageddon wins, the animation guests are fantastic (just Bruce Tim and Billy West alone would be awesome) and while I have no idea besides sweaty 40 year olds would be interested in Adam West and Julie Newmar, i do recognise they are quite the get. Supanova do have way better anime/manga representation which is, you know, what the kids want. Snova probably has the 'best' guest, the dude who plays Xander in Buffy, which is still like a/kind of current show. Also getting the director of Wolf Creek is pretty cool. But 'Geddon does have porn actress Jasmine st Claire which will get them through the door. They also have WRESTLERS! and Australian Idol contestant Bobby Flynn! i'm hoping for a match up!

Snova has a better local track record with more visibility but you have to travel too far to get to the cons. Since his telling off a couple years a go, Daniel has made sure that Australia Creators get highlighted. Armageddon only have one and looking through the New Zealand guest lists of the past, there doesn't seem to be many local creators listed (though i may be wrong). The Snova forum is much more interesting, but it is fun giving Kongster bad Karma points on the Armageddon boards.

Armageddon is in the city and the actual variety, quantity and quality of guests is much better; i just think it needs more anime/manga and local representation to make me happy (and that's important!)

If it was a boxing match, Armageddon wins by points. Though it is very very apparent that Armageddon's appearance to the scene has made Supanova pull up there socks.

Shit, if it's gonna be that kind of party, I'm just going to stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!

Just once it would be nice if i caught up with comic people interstate and wasn't drunk and or exhausted.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brisbane Writers Festival

If you are in Brisbane go to CYA Conference
and at 1:35 listen to the award winning Shaun Tan (The Arrival which ships soon to comic shops).

Ask him "Being an award winning graphic novelist, do you get like hot groupies and stuff?"

Unfortunately Nicki Greenberg (The Great Gatsby) is doing a talk at the same time, i would just wonder in between the two.

Ask her "Can you sign my copy of Great Gatsby and help me fill out my will?"

at 2.05 LF Weber (Crab Allan) reveals the paradise, THE PARADISE, that is game making! Mr Weber is nervous about the presentation, so help him out and turn up in your underwear.

Ask him "Platinum Studios is entering the share market, do you plan on buying any shares of the publishing company?"

Then straightafter, at 2:50 Mr Campbell (Uncanny Xmen #400 and From Hell) enters the ring. Whilst i have to admit that i prefer when he works with other writers (daren white, alan moore) his theories and general nattering about the sequential arts is top notch. (though, i rarely understand a word that comes out of his mouth).

Ask him "In regards to graphic novels, in particular the graphic novels you have worked on, both those graphic novels you've written and produced art for and those graphic novels you have only provided art for, do you prefer your graphic novels to be graphic or do you prefer your graphic novels to be novel, and if i may follow that up with, are graphic novels too good to read in the dunny?"

Then at 3:50 minicomics maestro Leigh Rigozzi (Tales of Hobartian life) talks about comic books.

Ask Him "If William Shatner had the powers of the Thor and Adam West had the powers of Superman, and they fought, who would win?"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I skipped myspace

I'm on Facebook, I have no idea what i do there, but there I am.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogs for your eyes

When Mandy Ord posts pictures i do a little Snoopy dance in my head

When LFW posts pictures i do a little school girl squeal (especially when he turns off the bikini filter).

Two artists who couldn't be more different in style but who demonstrate the beauty of local comics.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Mount

Em, had a lunch meeting down in Mt Gambier today, usually see drives down and stays over night but because of other factors she had to drive there and back in the same day. So i took the day off work and joined her for the trip.

In essence, 9 hours of driving + tasting a dozen wines + purchasing 7 bottles of wine, buying 6 comics from a 2nd hand store + eating 2 burgers (one nice pub burger for lunch, one road house burger for dinner) + 1 Dean Martin CD + Spring = A Great day

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good business and the business of being good

Apec this, Apec that. The media is full of stories of protesting APEC and hijacking APEC, but nothing about what APEC is actually doing. Its a shame, because if the media did report the truth it would pretty much establish why people are protesting it and hijacking it. Its pretty much so rich countries (which Australia truthfully only marginally fits into) and their businesses can get richer.

Now, I'm for business, as a means to support a family and community it can be an awe inspiring and satisfying activity.

So is probably the most beautiful antidote to the going ons of Sydney.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I try and only watch good films now

Would it be that bad if there was a short exchange in the 4th Die Hard movie that
went along the lines of

"I'm leaving you John! I can't take it anymore. Its not worth it!"
"Not worth it? Not worth it!! I saved your life! I killed for you!"
"Not for me John, for you. You did all that for you."
"For me? Yeah, i wanted to get shot at!"
"You wanted to win, that's why you got shot at. That's why you do everything! That's why you're fighting now, not to save this marriage but because if I leave then that means you lose. Well I'm leaving and there's no winning me back"

but even so it would have been a shit movie.

I liked the first 2 Die Hards - i need to watch the 3rd one again to see if its any good. but the first couple were released at a time when the action stars were brutes like Arnie, Stallone, Chuck Norris, and Steven Seagal. But in Die Hard, Bruce Willis is really just a normal guy barely getting by, he's a brawler who just doesn't give up, who gets by more by determination and street smarts than firepower and skill. In Die Hard 4, though
for fuck sake.

Gah, where's my copy of Rashomon!

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Great Great Gatsby

I picked up my copy of Nicki Greenberg's adaption of The Great Gatsby today. It is truly a beautiful looking book. Even Em was slightly intrigued by the book - except for the 'funny looking characters' >sigh<.

I felt slightly disappointed that at my local Borders's it wasn't displayed in the new releases section, nor was it in the Fiction section under "G" but in the Graphic Novel section racked between Tomb Raider and Showcase Presents. And it was the only copy.

The cashier was incredibly excited by the book while she rang it up, especially at the inside goss i knew; it took 5 years to draw, Nicki is from Melbourne and the Fitzgerald family heartily approved the book when they saw it. I'm so smooth.

Also spotted in Dymocks (where I asked about The Great Gatsby last week, to be told they are getting 5 sometime in September) Kevin Patrick and Doug Holgates' Prehistoric Australia.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trauma of the week #629 - Adventures in babysitting

Standing in a supermarket aisle, drunk, completely mesmerised by the variety of nappy and nappy related products and ringing Em asking "How much does whatserface weigh? They don't sell by age, but by weight". A scale weigh later and some subtraction, she replies "10 kilos". I believe i spent 10 minutes deciding between the packet for 6-11kg or 10-15kg. All during which i thought, I'd rather be buying tampons and tubes of hemorrhoid cream.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 things i like

After the horribleness 3 things that make life beautiful


French New Wave Actress


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i hate today

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ribbed sensation

7kg of ribs + 6 bottles of wine + 12 peeps + fire = the goodness

Friday, August 24, 2007

Around the traps

If you are Canberra today go see Matt "Stikman" Huynh at Impact Comics

Or if you wish to get freqee

a huge assortment of comic creators are molesting/manipulating/decorating bunny figures, including Ben Constantine, Brett Weekes, Brett Williams, Corey Warren, Dan Gibbs, Giles Kilham, Glenn Manders, Jase Harper, John Stewart, L.F. Weber, Matt Huynh, Mel Stringer, Mike Mungus, Scott Beattie, Steve Martinez, Tonia Walden, and Will Kelly.

If you are south side in Melbourne there is the Melbourne Writers Festival.
Shaun Tan and Nicki Greenberg at Wesley College at 1:45 on the 27th of August
Shaun Tan at Merlyn Theatre at 12:30 on the 28th of August
Eddie Campbell and Nicki Greenberg at the Beckett Theatre at 12:45 on the 29th of August
Eddie Campbell and Shaun Tan
at Merlyn Theatre at 11:45 on 3oth of August .

Then back in Brisbane at the Brisbane Writers Festival you can see Byran Talbot, Eddie Campbell, Nicki Greenberg, Leigh Rigozzi and Shaun Tan talk about stuff (i'm guessing writing and graphic novels)

And in Adelaide, rib nite.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still here

Too sick to write anything, to you who gave me this cold, you suck. But this is the fourth post back.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The wine blog

Sipped, Slurped and Swigged South Australian Wines is the wine blog. Whilst i haven't updated it in awhile, i have scribbles of notes around the place concerning the dozen or so wines I've drunk in the past 2 months.

The description does say it all, its more for me than others, so ergo it has been described by others (actually other) as "written while drunk. its terrible". I haven't found a groove yet, in terms of what i actually review a wine.

On a very related, i had great fun writing wine/comic reviews for Pirotess' Food zine (which i can't find a direct link for). Instead of matching food and wine, i pondered what South Australian wine I'd drink with specific Australian comics. If memory serves me correctly I covered Happy Birthday Anyway, Guh! and Witch King . If i can find the file I might post it up (if its cool with Miss P Tess.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Consignment is a con

One of the mentioned columns i wrote was "Consignment is a Con", whilst people may mistakenly believe I'm not down with POD (yeah, you know me), consignment is the most ugliest stain on the scene. I refuse to do it.

I think Wolf has another 2 or 3 columns that I've done, which means I don't have to think of another column for awhile.

Monday, August 20, 2007

lets try again

I haven't posted here or the wine blog for about 2 months because I've been busy, I promised myself i wouldn't post until the cellar was done but i'm two weeks behind so screw that. I also got stage fright - I was asked to do regular columns for two sites - i wrote about half a dozen pieces, one which has been posted/published.
Then i pretty much discovered i had nothing to say.

So i'm having another go at it. Which experience shows I'll either post 3 more times and disappear forever or., you know, just keep posting.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ledger Voting now open

The nominations phase is over, now its a matter of voting.

The two big niminees are Surfing the Deathline by Matt Godden and Phillip Bentley's Passionate Nomads. Congrats.

Thanks to everyone who nominated Sureshot Presents Crab Allan: Gothic Boogaloo for Story of the Year.

So go vote!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Aussie is runner up in International Manga Awards

Congratulations to Madeleine Rosca for being a runner up in the International manga Awards.

You can check out her work at her deviantart account and her LJ.
Out of a field of 146 entries, its quite the achievement.

Apparently, the Tasmanian creator has a book out through Seven Seas, called hollow Fields.

The things you find in your own backyard.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Supanova Comic Guests

JMS has pulled out - again.

However Dan Didio has been announced, DC Comics Publisher (I think - he's a bigwig all the same) so i'd be poilishing that samples portfolio and preparing that plot pitch now. I remembr back in the Ozcon days, Michael Richardson (Dark Horse Publisher) and other editors or sales directors from Marvel and DC would show up.

The other guest is Ben Templesmith which should be a big draw especially since 30 Days of Night will be premeiring 10 days after. I'm sure he'll be everywhere in the media beforehand - plus he's a very nice fellow as well.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Publisher on the block - Hero Central

In the last year, Sureshot Presents, Gestalt Publishing, Local Act Publishing and Prophecy Comics have entered the Australian Comics publishing game, well now there is Hero Central. These guys seem to be an imprint of an online comic shop which means distribution is already in place.

They are looking for submissions, seemingly superheo stuff looking at the slant of their site.

Comikaze Day 3

I did plan to do another 8 pages of strips, either more VSes (Vsii?) or the other ideas rattling in my head "Trevor the slightly criminal goldfish" or "That's our Quentin".

(I think deep down i want to write sketch comedy - it disgusts me)

But then sitting down, i thought I was making a mockery of the whole thing, sitting down and scribbling rubbish art and bad jokes in a couple of hours. I wasn't challenging myself - i was taking the easy way out. So i thought better of it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comikaze 2007 - Day 2

First I'll Apologise for fucking with your LJ Friendslist, i'll link to my pages now.

On day two of Sticky Strippers i started a new strip based on a pub conversation I had with Owen. At the Grace Emily there's a library of books and we perused through "Education for Retarded Children" published sometime in the 70s. There was a picture of one child wearing plaid next to a plaid recliner, in the next photo he had disappeared and Retarded Ninja was born. We came up with a sitcom heme song because that's the most important bit.

Em of course asked "Why does he have to be retarded?" her question dripped with PC, my reply was "but he's a ninja, that like negative retard, it balances it out." She eye rolled and left.

The idea was to use sitcom cliches as a starting point.

So follow the link to "Dah Dah Dah Retarded Ninja"

Saturday, June 09, 2007

24 Hour Comics - Day One

I'm probably making a mockery of the whole thing - making lamish jokes (they make me laugh though) with really bad drawing.

On Saturday I did 8 pages of my VS comic - i started out hand drawing anything but then got too lazy and just started photoshopping

Sticky Strippers - VS

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Comickaze 24 Hour Challenge - The Prizes

For me, its about the challenge, the glory of getting it done for others its all about the booty.

For those who enjoy the booty, there are some good prizes for the grabbing. A Wacom and Artist Alley table! Cassssh! Art supplies for the drawing and books! Books for the reading! And comics!

See the listing and then do the registering if you haven't already.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Comikaze countdown

Its less than a week till the Comikaze 24 hour challenge where artists try and create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours.
If you can't put aside a whole 24 hours, then you can just do 8 pages or 16 pages so there is no excuse not to register.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My piece for Instantaneous

At the monthly Panels and Gutters drinks, we were told through last month's Instantaneous Exhibition we raised $1800 for the St Vinnie's Soup Kitchen. Nice.

Also come December, there will be another exhibition in the same vien where artists will be asked to supply a panel of art. This time, though, the peices will be auctioned off.

This is my peice, which I'm hoping is hanging in someone's house right now

"Painting" by me, lettering by Emma.

PS. Practice informs me because of my blogger layouty thingy my 'art' is being obscured. Here's alink to the jpg.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Armeggedon to Melbourne

In the soap opera that is Supanova and Armegeddon, Armegeddon has announced that they are now going to be in Melbourne in October this year, not Sydney. Of course if you've already booked your flights and accomadation - sucks to be you.

But this is a really decent solution, those interested can read the awesomely passive aggressive press release which is ok because "they totally started it, so neh".
Even more interesting is that next year both Melbourne and Sydney shows will be October.

I'm tempted to go, team radelaide road trip.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ledger Nominations are Open

You can nominate your favourite Australian comic or creator from 2006 for the Ledger Awards.

Here are my thoughts on last years output, which might jog your memory.

Nominations are closed June 30.

Ledger of Honor

Foreign Creator of the Year

Best Foreign Comic Series or Graphic Novel of the Year

Talent Deserving Wider Recognition

Artist of the Year

Writer of the Year

Independent Press Title of the Year

Small Press Title of the Year

Story or Single Issue of the Year

Webcomic or Comic Strip of the Year

Production Design of the Year

Retailer of the Year

Achievement of the Year

There's a slight disappointment that the "talent deserving wider recognition" and "Small press" are no longer relevant; meaning that the vibrant underground ziney books will get looked over for the more swish "American floppy comic" version but both categories always caused problems on who could be nominated.

So go nominate, even if you don't believe in awards, its the recognition that counts.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

International Manga Award

The Japanese government has created the International Manga Award - niminations or submissions have closed already.

It was open for anyone not in Japan, for work already published before the end of 2006 and for creators who have been publishing for less than 10 years.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Seize the Day!

(Or at least benefit from the relatively high value of the Australian Dollar against the United States of America Dollar)

I was tempted to take advantage of the good currency rate and raid Amazon, but then I thought I'd never actually read that Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus for fear i'd knock myself out if i dozed off while reading in bed.

So i thought i might get some POD books.

So it was off to Lulu, and yes while i have stated my issues with Print on Demand before, let me clarify, I don't think it is Satan in carnate, its just not the be all and end all. And what i found even proved my point - there was a lot of stuff that i hadn't even heard off, and if i haven't heard of it i can not buy it.

Now a $10 book will cost you $12.15 Australian, plus shipping which seems to be $6 for 1 book, $12 for 2 books, $15 for 3 book, $18 for 4 books and $24 for 5 books (that's Australian). So you can get 5 x $15 books will cost you about $23 a book which is pretty decent.

So what did i find -
well first thing, if you are an Australian Comic Creator, please use the Australia, Comic tag (even better "Australian Comic") to make it easy on me finding your stuff.

In terms of good stuff in the shopping cart -
YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG with Platinum Grit by Trudy Cooper and HairButt the Hippo by Jason Paulos. PG is the type of lietrature that comics were made for, not a movie with paper or a book with pictures, but a highly interesting peice of sequential art; its funny and engaging, interesting and incredibly well drawn. Samples at the Platinum Grit Site.

So i'm grabbing a PG Volume #3 for my buddy Owen (I've got them all).

Hairbutt is funny shit with art that is so good but Jason's horror stuff looks even better, harkening back to horror comics from back in the day.

So Eeek! #1+#2 and Harlequin in my cart (I have all the hairbutt stuff)

Now searching for other books

I highly recommend Azerath as a fun filled ride; its a fantasy with a bunch of laughs but there are some real twists and shocks which keeps you hooked. If you like your fantasy stories with a harder edge then try Eldritch Kid, Brett Burns rips shit up with his art.

Whilst i like the look of Tristan - A Brood of Adders, $20 for 52 pages is still a tad much. you can see samples at the Tristan Site.

BAM (Big Ass Mini) looks cool, and though its American it has a bunch of local indie artists.

The art for Shocked (By Greg Sky) looks a bit, cheap (but looking at later pages gets a lot better), but a story about transgender and labratory accidents, I'm sure will entice some people. Read it online at Greg's site. There's also a volume 2.

There's Captain Koala, which I've never read but i may get later. There are new issues but no old issues which makes it hard if people want to catch up.

There are no real previews for Dynasty's Curse by Huu John Nguyen and I'm not sure how many pages it is but one image and cover look ok, though its only available for download.

and finally Coconuts by Jacob Zinman-Jeanes looks cute as a button

There were a number of books which I couldn't find any info for; no myspaces, comicspaces or even mentions on LJ - some sort of 'build it and they will come' mentality which just doesn't work.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Queenie Chan croons for Koontz

Sydney creator, Queenie Chan, currently working on the Dreaming is going to be working on best-selling author Dean Koontz' character Odd Thomas. That's kind of cool, especially since its through Del Ray.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm comikrazy about Comikaze

Formely known as the Ozcomic 24 Hour Challenge, the Comikaze 24 Hour Challenge is about creativity, perseverance and fun is happening again this Queen's Birthday Weekend, June 9-11.

The Challenge is to create a comic in 24 hours, in whatever medium you're comfortable in. Use ink, computer graphics, paint, magazine photos, crayons; use paper, bristol board, wacom tablets - it doesn't matter.

You can register at the Comickaze site.

It's a blast, ask any of the 80 people who particpated last year.

Prizes will be announced soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alien Circus is actually like a circus

Once upon a time there was a set of graphic novels called 'Alien Circus' written by Dave Roman and with art from the talented LF Weber. It was created as a work for hire project for Platinum Studios. Then there was a name change to "Adventures in Tymm" seemingly because the url for was taken. It still wasn't actually published; Platinum Studios only recently published their first recently even though they've been around for 4 years.

Anyway then 2 days ago, the first 5 pages of Alien Circus was published through the Platinum Studios web comic arm, DrunkDuck as a web comic. Except without the creators names attached but then that was rectified after Dave Roman mentioned his disappointment on his LJ.

I hope this means that the book will get published soon.

your pal

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sureshot Presents .....Submissions

Sureshot Presents a Guide to Australian comics is out and so far is availble from Pulp Fiction Comics in Adelaide and Minotaur Comics in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra should be sending in their orders soon, but i'm sure a gentle reminder from customers in the guise of "Where's Sureshot Presents, i know its out, whheeeere Is it?" followed by crying would be helpful.

Other news is that I just sent Mandy Ord another 200 copies of Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyeball after she sold out her first run of 150 in 9 months (I sold out my share in about the same time).

I'm looking for submissions, let my friend Doug Holgate (behind Sureshot Presents All Adventure Annual) explain

"I made $$$ PEOPLE!!"
"If you can handle Mark constantly touching your knee at public certainly stand to make some bucks!"

So if you have something on the drawing board or even something in the bottom drawer shoot me an email for more deatils about Sureshot Presents

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - Drawing the Line

By way of the wonderful Mandy Ord,

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is looking for submissions for the Drawing the Line Art Auction, with money going to refugees and those that support them.

There's a June 15th deadline, and i'm not sure if non-melbournites can donate.

So do some good, drawing people

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do you think? Really? Well I, for one, am not impressed

Do we deserve better?
(random rantings/observation)

Just because its comics does it mean that nerds rule? I've been thinking about 'nerds' lately, sometimes thinking about it as the 'n' word (insensitive as that may be).

I don't mind calling myself a nerd every now and again, usually i do so ironically because I don't think I'm actually that nerdy (but i hate it when nerds list their 'cool' credentials so i won't do that here and prove I am a nerd). But I do sort of bristle when someone else calls me a nerd, because quite honestly nerds shit me.

I can take them in socially; talk movies and talk comics, talk about people we know in common. But having to deal with them (and i'm not talking just comic people, but IT people, science people, etc) in any sort of professional manner, or watching them try and carry themselves professionally makes my skin crawl.

There always feels like there's this combative undercurrent, this need to have to beat the other guy. Its always short-term “what’s the easiest way to get want I want” schtick. Everything becomes really personal (i'm hope no one takes this too personally, and calling people socially inept and egotistical nerds probably is a bit harsh but their actions are only benefiting the few). There always seems to be this complete lack of social skill and style. It all seems to be driven by ego or more likely pig headedness.
I sometimes admire the tech companies that make it; usually the creation of nerds they soon get an experienced businessman to drive the company forwarded, acting as president or some such title, leaving the nerds to do what they do best.

In terms Supanova and Armeggedon; i think the split probably has something to do with ego. From my observations (that's all i got, extrapolations, assumptions and instinct – I’ve watched and known a lot of small business people, as well as running my own business for a couple of years - so i may be wrong), Danny seems to be a one man band who gives power to others unwillingly, can’t delegate power. A simple example of this is not paying a professional to do the voice/PA stuff, surely he has something better to do on the weekend. He seems to be a little bit too careful in his business movements, not aggressive enough. The guests he gets are big, but he waits till the last minute to make any announcement and if they drop out - he's stuffed because he goes for quality or quantity. Plus we see the same few guests again and again, which always seems pointless (why would I want another signed picture of Summer Glau when I couldn’t seduce her the first time). There seems to be this persistence in having a Sydney con, which only seems to do as well as the Brisbane con, but probably is more expensive to run. Why didn't anyone take the hint provided by the Brisbane success and do another regional show like in Canberra or Newcastle or even Adelaide; places where that Sydney apathy isn't an issue, places where they are starved for action and would go all out to attend.

On the good side of the ledger, whenever there was criticism something was done about it; after there was an uproar over the lack of local creators as guests, every year since an Australian has been included in the guest list. When some local creators got seriously done over by being tucked in some corridor, there was a change in policy and ARtist Alley was moved into more prominent areas. Though the cost of the tables is still an issue - and i don't think its ever been addressed.
The reasoning is that, sure its expensive and they aren't making money of Artist Alley - that may be true but there is no immediate profit from advertising either, nothing that is easily quantifiable but its seen as an investment. I may be a bit starry eyed but I'd say supporting local artists is just as much an investment. Local artists, don't necessarily attract the superhero or manga crowd - but they attract a portion of the market not really looked at by the current organisers.

Whilst manga and anime are here to stay i think it is pretty much as big as its going to get; families are a shrinking market - its getting too expensive to have a family and subsequently GenYers are not having kids. The new market it is that 30 year old hipster, probably already buying graphic novels from Borders and Dymocks. People into art - the Instantaneous art exhibition had minimal advertising, mainly word of mouth but had at least 300 people through the door buying at least half of the art available on opening night. This group have money and want serious stuff - not Prince of Tennis satchels, autographs of Klingon #3 or Superman #563 backissues. This is the market that go to Zine fairs and Writers Festivals and are buying up big. This group is not being catered for - and because they are essentially not nerds no one has any idea how to grab this market. Artist alley is for those bored by commercial comics (eastern or western) and are looking for someone new. I think sometimes there is some resentment when artist alley is described as the up-and-coming-hot-new-talent-who-may-be working-for-the-big-boys-soon. I'd guess most of the talent there don't want to work for the big two. On the other hand, it would also be a good idea to get in the good books of those ‘superstars of tomorrow’ as well.

This whole Supa vs Arma thing is getting frustrating. Would something like this happen in the 'real' world? Did this week the head of Qantas send the head of Airline Partners Australia a photoshoped photo superimposing his head over a photo of the Red Baron with the caption "Take that swine!"?

Most likely not.

(And on a related note, how the hell am i supposed to take any organisation or person from that organisation seriously when they go by the monikers like Obelix, Slykura, Black Betty, Armeggedon, etc it shits me.)

From what i can tell, Armeggedon has done well. Is this because events are cheaper to run in New Zealand? up until recently, the nz dollar was relatively stronger while the AUS$ was weak (which makes a hell of a difference when you are paying in US$), was this a factor? How many other events are there in NZ, is there any competition? The country is smaller so are people may be more likely to travel? If Armeggedon started in Australia, would it have been as successful? I dunno, its hard to say, i'm going to say no - would it have been better that Supanova – maaaybe because of the aggressive of vision.

We've all heard stories on how great Armegeddon is in NZ, but recent reports from Dave B. and Ben H. painted a different story of an empty Artist Alley because the local NZ artists were launching a book elsewhere. Why? I would assume you'd launch a book to your greatest market - so why wasn't that Armeggedon? And i used to hear stories of free AA tables? Why did that change? If it was a matter of building a relationship between a fledgling con and local artists why not do the same here? Again is it arrogance, is it a grab for easy money?
Before this started i was already thinking that i wouldn't bother with exhibiting at supanova anymore - visit sure but unless something changed - i'd concertrate on zinefairs. When armeggedon was announced, i thought 'cool, this will shake things up, location looks good, guests look good, awesome'. But posts at the Pulp Expo and Pulp Faction forums from Armedggedon have not filled me with confidence. It feels like i'm standing infront of the Armegeddon organisers and it seems like he's talking to me but actually they are staring off to the side, just giving me lip service. And slagging off the competition - which i find incredibly unsettling, frat boy bullying and my sympathy is leaning towards Danny. However Danny’s “You owe me” posts soon diminished any gains.

Who fucked over who? Who knows? I want to say who cares, but if one partner is so willing to fuck over another partner what's the chances of them fucking someone else over later on (namely me as a exhibitor)? We won't find out the truth, every retelling will be embellished and subjective - it would be pointless. All i can judge an event by its past (moot here since it’s the first time its going head – to - head), the way its organisers carry themselves in public (and backhanded passive aggressive comments, photoshoppery, or general whining is not a good thing) and its future.

And this is what i want to know, tell me about the future of the event before i decide who to back, and not marketing waffle not 'it'll be great, trust me', what's the future for your event in real terms for creators (not just fans)? That's what i want to know. How will the event in 3 years look like - what strategies will be used to take you there. Will there be a date change? Different cities?

To clarify any bias, when i organised the 24 Hour challenge the organisers of Supanova furnished a table in Artist Alley for the winner - out of the 5 or so offered it has been taken up twice by the winners. I've pretty much gone to every supanova since 2003, missing maybe 3 events.
I've meet people from both organisations and like them as people ok, some more than others, sure, but surely don't wish ill/failure on them.
I also most likely won't be going to either event in October but i am considering the Young Writers Festival instead. i do intend to go to Armeggedon in Melbourne, just because its close and can road-trip it.

Being a really big fan of local comics and their creators sometimes colours my view -i think maybe I ‘glorify’ them to much, assume that people see them just as important as I do. Maybe i'm taking it all too seriously and really just need someone to post a picture of the three amigos.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Armageddon Melbourne

It seems that Armageddon Melbourne will be held on May 3-4 2008

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My new favourite person

After I recieved

in the mail

Now when i sing Blue Boys "Remember Me" instead of singing "ganng ganng ganng" i sing "lau lau lau"

Thanks Gary!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Free comic book day - Pulp Fiction Comics - Adelaide

Yesterday was a good day, started with finally finding the right voice for an article I'm doing for Pirotess' new zine - where I'll be matching comics with the approriate wine. Its a fun little piece. I also finally started packaging up a bunch of envelopes and parcels to send various people - as i've stated before for some reason whenever i have to deal with post office i get this wave of procrastination.

But yes, off to the city - i had recently bought the new Blow Up Betty ep, from the drummer who i work with, and rocked out to it. I've been working out to the 'Be your own pet' album, which i'm slightly getting tired of so now i have new femme rawk to power through.

The Mall was pretty quiet but then i did spot a couple of blue Free Comic Book Bags and as i got closer to King William they increased number. I ducked in to a food court and had some lunch and on leaving came across


as well as Harley Quinn (photos from Supanova)

Then off to the shop i found this

(and when i left 40 minutes later)

It was a constant stream of people, emo kids, families, pretty ladies (one as she left made the comment "I'm a comic virgin" which has no real retail friendly come back, except maybe "Well i hope you come again").

I grabbed a handful of comics, including the last remaining copy of OzComic Magazine #3 in the world. I had given Peter about 30 copies of 5 and 6 and he had about another 7 which he put out as well (i gave him SSPs in return) when i got there there was about 27 left, which did not make me feel great ("can't give them away - dammit"). I think comic shop people need colour covers - and have to engineer SSp some how to do that - ponder power engage!

I also picked up Essential Godzilla, Drifting Classroom 1 and 2, Lady Snowblood #4, Losers Vol 5 and Jeffery Brown's I Can be Small on sale - Pete did try and sell me the Jeffery Brown Cat book, but i declined sure i like his "oh i love her she left me" stuff but i'm not that lame. I got the Godzilla book because i think it'll only ever get one print run because of the rights and most of the stories have thor or Shield in them so it might never see print again.

The Grace started slowly but after kicking ass in eightball (i think i'm unbeaten in singles). Beer was drunk and pizza was eaten. I chatted with Pete about the day; apparently he gave away 4000 comics, so if it was a limit of 2 per person - that's 2000 people. Which broken down is about 4 people down the stairs every minute, which seems kind of right from what i saw. Also half of the peices in the Instanataneous exhibition have sold in 5 days - and next year it will be even bigger.

Owen told Dan about his cyber encounter with Ben Templesmith and knees quivered . We belive Ben Templesmith must often google himself, specifically the term "Kill Ben Templesmith" or he's a fan of Basic Wage Kids.

A pretty decent day.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I write another guest strip

During Supanova, a month back now, i hastily wrote another strip for Owen Heitmann's BAsic Wage Kids. And now through the awesome drawings of Tonia Walden, it is here.

As a homage to Owen, I would have a cut here, that you would click on for more trivia.

In the last PulpFaction Podcast, i talked about writing the script on a beer coaster. This wasn't the case, I drew a naked picture of Robin on a beer coaster (it was for sarah). I wrote the script of this on a scrap piece of paper. It was about 30 words (i usually just write the dialogue and any really necessary panel items; like 'we can see a copy of 5031')

This is Owen
(i was going to insert a very funny pic of Owen from someone's myspace , but its disappeared, I'm sorry for my poor linking abilities)

he used to write an slightly autobiographical comic strip called 5031 staring flatmates and others. It was pretty good. Because people were tired of him always apologising for his poor carictures (when they were fine) and because nothing happens to the fellow he decided to do something fictional. Enter Basic Wage Kids, you can buy paper versions of the comic at Pulp Fiction Comics.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th of May is Free Comic Book Day, a day where you can go to a participating comic shop and recieve a free comic or two.

In Adelaide Pulp Fiction Comics (King William St and Rundle Mall) is participating and usually do a good job of it. Last year 2500 books were let free, to run rampart and infect people with comic-goodness. People dressed up in costumes and many comics where on sale (20% off GNs, 25% manga, comics older than 3 months old cover price).

This is will probably be better - i'm sure of it. More costumes, more comics, more people!

OzComic Magazines will also be available for free. This might be the case at Kings, Impact and Ace Comics (can someone let me know if this happens).

And then its off to the Grace Emily to drink, talk comics and check out the Instantaneous Exhibition.

Ozcomics returns

Australian Comics website Ozcomics returns providing podcasts, reviews and interviews and a general resource on Australian comics and their creators.

So go to

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More panel pops from Instantaneous

More pics courtesy of Simon Grey fom the Instantenous Exhibition @ the Grace Emily.

You can sort of see people's art in the background.

Jesse - Pulp Fiction Comics website comic reviewer

Erin McGregor - artist and Harley Quinn

Kamahl - artiste

Leon - non-writer and musician (don't take that as non-musician, becuase he IS a musician)

Matt - Star Wars Character

Vincent (tho his piece had no dialogue nor caption - and according to THE RULES not a comic panel, he did bring a cute lady friend which makes it okay)

Stephen Hall - I think i know this guy but maybe not

Stephen (tho i swear that this is dave hodson - but it could mean I've been calling Stephen, Dave for 4 years now. i think i might start calling everyone 'mate' and 'buddy'.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Panel POPPED @ Instantaneous

Just returned from the Instantaneous drunk from wine and seeing cool art.

Me and Em had dinner at Mapo (swanky korean place) where we sat next to Quentin (he talked about cybersex) and then the Bed-E-Buys guy came in wearing EXACTLY the same clothes as he does in the ads. During the meal
"Hey, art will be on sale, so if you like something let me know and i'll get it"
She screwed up her face "Comic stuff, it'll all be cute - i'm all about the chic"
2 seconds after we get there
"Can we get that one!"


It was a really good turn out, 49 peices in total with all money from sales going to the Adelaide Soup Kitchen.

I'm also proud to say that my peice was one of the first to be sold -so Will whoever you are, I love you, I honestly love you.

Me with the sold peice of art. (It had been a long day at work and my hair is nutz. )

Emma, Sarah and Rebecca admiring the piece of art that i did, that someone I didn't know bought.

Dan, Wendy, Em and Clare standing by the piece of art that i did, that someone I didn't know bought. I think em is think "sold? really?"

This was on my phone from Supanova, it was going to be "People Who kind of look like australian comic creators" - i titled this one "beardless doug". It went know where.

Em and Simon Grey, who i joined in shouts of "Panel Pops" at regular intervals.

General crowd in room one, it actually died off by this point - originally you couldn't move from the peoples.

The Curator and owner of Pulp Fiction Comics, Peter.

Me again, but artistic like, because I is an artiste.

so if you are in Adelaide, head to the Grace Emily (Waymouth St) and go upstairs and check out the good art.