Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Panel POPPED @ Instantaneous

Just returned from the Instantaneous drunk from wine and seeing cool art.

Me and Em had dinner at Mapo (swanky korean place) where we sat next to Quentin (he talked about cybersex) and then the Bed-E-Buys guy came in wearing EXACTLY the same clothes as he does in the ads. During the meal
"Hey, art will be on sale, so if you like something let me know and i'll get it"
She screwed up her face "Comic stuff, it'll all be cute - i'm all about the chic"
2 seconds after we get there
"Can we get that one!"


It was a really good turn out, 49 peices in total with all money from sales going to the Adelaide Soup Kitchen.

I'm also proud to say that my peice was one of the first to be sold -so Will whoever you are, I love you, I honestly love you.

Me with the sold peice of art. (It had been a long day at work and my hair is nutz. )

Emma, Sarah and Rebecca admiring the piece of art that i did, that someone I didn't know bought.

Dan, Wendy, Em and Clare standing by the piece of art that i did, that someone I didn't know bought. I think em is think "sold? really?"

This was on my phone from Supanova, it was going to be "People Who kind of look like australian comic creators" - i titled this one "beardless doug". It went know where.

Em and Simon Grey, who i joined in shouts of "Panel Pops" at regular intervals.

General crowd in room one, it actually died off by this point - originally you couldn't move from the peoples.

The Curator and owner of Pulp Fiction Comics, Peter.

Me again, but artistic like, because I is an artiste.

so if you are in Adelaide, head to the Grace Emily (Waymouth St) and go upstairs and check out the good art.


LFW said...

Lovin' that hair M-S'lan, You be layin' the style down, ol' skool.


Also, some of those people look familiar, I think I've met them before.

your homie


Doug said...

It was right to go nowhere. I have better boobs.

Mark Selan said...

LFW - yeah my hair looked like Rocksteady Crew had a breakdance battle on my scalp.

you've met some of them - essentially 66.6% of the cool adeliade people.

Doug - based on what we did in sydney - i found a rissa -look-a-like and a couple of others but they would,'t stand still. and then i saw something shiny and lost interest

practicecactus said...

Very Nice.

You look like Harpo Marx.
And why not a better pic of Clare? She's pretty, and this blog needs More pretty ladies.

P.S. The word verifaction is getting harder and harder to see with each one of my replies here.

Mark Selan said...

seeing as i'm a massive Marx brothers fan - harpo in particular i'm going to take that as a compliment

Funny you should mention Clare she was very perturbed when i mentioned your man-crush on me - she wants to be your only object of crush-dom

...and going blind are we?

Shane Lockwood said...

These are some interesting pics.
Pity mine didn't turn out, but that doesn't surprise me.

Like Angel says "It's not that I don't photograph, I just don't photograph well...".

Still, what's even cooler is that there is a picture (the one with Datsun Tran and girlfriend) where there are people genuinely (ie, not staged) staring intently at my piece.

That's gotta be cooler than anything.

Thanks for posting these.

Shane Lockwood said...

One of these pictures should have the caption:

"Look out Pete! It's the Sandman!"

See if you can figure out which one.