Monday, May 21, 2007

Seize the Day!

(Or at least benefit from the relatively high value of the Australian Dollar against the United States of America Dollar)

I was tempted to take advantage of the good currency rate and raid Amazon, but then I thought I'd never actually read that Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus for fear i'd knock myself out if i dozed off while reading in bed.

So i thought i might get some POD books.

So it was off to Lulu, and yes while i have stated my issues with Print on Demand before, let me clarify, I don't think it is Satan in carnate, its just not the be all and end all. And what i found even proved my point - there was a lot of stuff that i hadn't even heard off, and if i haven't heard of it i can not buy it.

Now a $10 book will cost you $12.15 Australian, plus shipping which seems to be $6 for 1 book, $12 for 2 books, $15 for 3 book, $18 for 4 books and $24 for 5 books (that's Australian). So you can get 5 x $15 books will cost you about $23 a book which is pretty decent.

So what did i find -
well first thing, if you are an Australian Comic Creator, please use the Australia, Comic tag (even better "Australian Comic") to make it easy on me finding your stuff.

In terms of good stuff in the shopping cart -
YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG with Platinum Grit by Trudy Cooper and HairButt the Hippo by Jason Paulos. PG is the type of lietrature that comics were made for, not a movie with paper or a book with pictures, but a highly interesting peice of sequential art; its funny and engaging, interesting and incredibly well drawn. Samples at the Platinum Grit Site.

So i'm grabbing a PG Volume #3 for my buddy Owen (I've got them all).

Hairbutt is funny shit with art that is so good but Jason's horror stuff looks even better, harkening back to horror comics from back in the day.

So Eeek! #1+#2 and Harlequin in my cart (I have all the hairbutt stuff)

Now searching for other books

I highly recommend Azerath as a fun filled ride; its a fantasy with a bunch of laughs but there are some real twists and shocks which keeps you hooked. If you like your fantasy stories with a harder edge then try Eldritch Kid, Brett Burns rips shit up with his art.

Whilst i like the look of Tristan - A Brood of Adders, $20 for 52 pages is still a tad much. you can see samples at the Tristan Site.

BAM (Big Ass Mini) looks cool, and though its American it has a bunch of local indie artists.

The art for Shocked (By Greg Sky) looks a bit, cheap (but looking at later pages gets a lot better), but a story about transgender and labratory accidents, I'm sure will entice some people. Read it online at Greg's site. There's also a volume 2.

There's Captain Koala, which I've never read but i may get later. There are new issues but no old issues which makes it hard if people want to catch up.

There are no real previews for Dynasty's Curse by Huu John Nguyen and I'm not sure how many pages it is but one image and cover look ok, though its only available for download.

and finally Coconuts by Jacob Zinman-Jeanes looks cute as a button

There were a number of books which I couldn't find any info for; no myspaces, comicspaces or even mentions on LJ - some sort of 'build it and they will come' mentality which just doesn't work.


Owen Heitmann said...

Yay! Platinum Grit! You remembered, I'm so touched.

Mark Selan said...

no touching!