Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More panel pops from Instantaneous

More pics courtesy of Simon Grey fom the Instantenous Exhibition @ the Grace Emily.

You can sort of see people's art in the background.

Jesse - Pulp Fiction Comics website comic reviewer

Erin McGregor - artist and Harley Quinn

Kamahl - artiste

Leon - non-writer and musician (don't take that as non-musician, becuase he IS a musician)

Matt - Star Wars Character

Vincent (tho his piece had no dialogue nor caption - and according to THE RULES not a comic panel, he did bring a cute lady friend which makes it okay)

Stephen Hall - I think i know this guy but maybe not

Stephen (tho i swear that this is dave hodson - but it could mean I've been calling Stephen, Dave for 4 years now. i think i might start calling everyone 'mate' and 'buddy'.)


Owen Heitmann said...

Yeah, that last one is Dave, not Stephen. Although, Dave did put me in his phone as 'Aaron', so I won't feel too bad if we've both been getting his name wrong.

LFW said...

I meet a lot of people, and I can't remember most of their names (just their faces) so that's what I usually do.

Also, It just occurred to me, you and evil dan remind me of a very young Merrick and Rosso, I don't know why.


your pal