Friday, August 24, 2007

Around the traps

If you are Canberra today go see Matt "Stikman" Huynh at Impact Comics

Or if you wish to get freqee

a huge assortment of comic creators are molesting/manipulating/decorating bunny figures, including Ben Constantine, Brett Weekes, Brett Williams, Corey Warren, Dan Gibbs, Giles Kilham, Glenn Manders, Jase Harper, John Stewart, L.F. Weber, Matt Huynh, Mel Stringer, Mike Mungus, Scott Beattie, Steve Martinez, Tonia Walden, and Will Kelly.

If you are south side in Melbourne there is the Melbourne Writers Festival.
Shaun Tan and Nicki Greenberg at Wesley College at 1:45 on the 27th of August
Shaun Tan at Merlyn Theatre at 12:30 on the 28th of August
Eddie Campbell and Nicki Greenberg at the Beckett Theatre at 12:45 on the 29th of August
Eddie Campbell and Shaun Tan
at Merlyn Theatre at 11:45 on 3oth of August .

Then back in Brisbane at the Brisbane Writers Festival you can see Byran Talbot, Eddie Campbell, Nicki Greenberg, Leigh Rigozzi and Shaun Tan talk about stuff (i'm guessing writing and graphic novels)

And in Adelaide, rib nite.


LFW said...

hey M-Slan, I'm giving a talk about stuff as well at this writers fest in brizneyland (but it's mostly about games and how supposedly they're a writer's and artist's paradise).



Daren White said...

I'm chairing the graphic novel panel featuring Campbell, Talbot, Delisle and Tan. I am featured on the programme but I'm not famous enough to have a graphic.