Thursday, June 14, 2007

Comikaze Day 3

I did plan to do another 8 pages of strips, either more VSes (Vsii?) or the other ideas rattling in my head "Trevor the slightly criminal goldfish" or "That's our Quentin".

(I think deep down i want to write sketch comedy - it disgusts me)

But then sitting down, i thought I was making a mockery of the whole thing, sitting down and scribbling rubbish art and bad jokes in a couple of hours. I wasn't challenging myself - i was taking the easy way out. So i thought better of it.


twalden said...

Ah, the great problem of all artists - self-doubt - seriously I figure if you can make some people laugh then mission accomplished.

Mark Selan said...

Yeah, well on that note please be ready for a series of photos of me wearing funny hats

Owen Heitmann said...

Haha! Funny hats! Woo!