Friday, May 04, 2007

I write another guest strip

During Supanova, a month back now, i hastily wrote another strip for Owen Heitmann's BAsic Wage Kids. And now through the awesome drawings of Tonia Walden, it is here.

As a homage to Owen, I would have a cut here, that you would click on for more trivia.

In the last PulpFaction Podcast, i talked about writing the script on a beer coaster. This wasn't the case, I drew a naked picture of Robin on a beer coaster (it was for sarah). I wrote the script of this on a scrap piece of paper. It was about 30 words (i usually just write the dialogue and any really necessary panel items; like 'we can see a copy of 5031')

This is Owen
(i was going to insert a very funny pic of Owen from someone's myspace , but its disappeared, I'm sorry for my poor linking abilities)

he used to write an slightly autobiographical comic strip called 5031 staring flatmates and others. It was pretty good. Because people were tired of him always apologising for his poor carictures (when they were fine) and because nothing happens to the fellow he decided to do something fictional. Enter Basic Wage Kids, you can buy paper versions of the comic at Pulp Fiction Comics.

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