Sunday, October 29, 2006

I wanna be sedated

Just got home and just wanna say from what i remember i had the most funnest awesome time eva.

You guys rock (you know who you are)

some sort of con report will eventuate - once i fill in the gaps

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rack'em up Artist Alley

Run down on who's there, based on what i know and what the internet tells me. I haven't actually asked people directly so take this with a grain of salt.

Rowan Cassidy - does design work on movies (like Flying Daggers and Hero) and has released 2 issues of his Minute of Angle (he might have a 3rd issue out for Supanova) which looks extrememly pretty (in a templesmith/wood kinda way) but is pretty light (with messy storytelling).

Pulp Crucifiction - I'm guessing this is Dean Rankine/Christian Comics, but I'm totally guessing

Jason Rand/Nicola Scott/Stewart McKenny - 3 of the up and coming stars working overseas. Jason did Small Gods (I recommend the 1st and 3rd storylines), Helios (i dunno) and the first couple of issues of Emmisary. Nicola has done a tonne of stuff most notably Star Wars, she's doing an issue of Birds of Prey and i heard Queen and Country but I'm easily confused. Stewart McKenny has also worked on Star Wars as well as Captain America. The art he did for Watch: Casius Belli was pretty good. You'll be able to find these guys because they'll be surrounded by the massive crowd.

Smiley Things - no idea

Sydney Stage Combat - people who like to play fight in front of people

Caanan Grall - at Supanova courtsey of his Ozcomic 24 Hour Challenge prize, he's got a stack of books to sell. It will all be good stuff, so pick'em it up. A must see.

Geeen Comix - Supanova regular Ben Hutchings will be there. My recommendations is You stink and I don't (especially the trade of the 1st five issues). He's latest book Pumpkin Kids is ok, good for kids.

Plump Oyster/Girlie Pains/Phatsville Comix - these guys produce good stuff, if you like your alt-humour comics you can't go wrong here. (Golden Plops is a highlight)

Novus Ordo - I'm really glad the catholic church is reaching out to the kids to inform them about Second Vatican Council. Sure 30 years late but rock'on Pope Benedict. Actually I have no idea who they are.

R2 Builders Club - A bunch of model builders stealing - STEALING - from George Lucas, may God have mercy on the souls.

Australian Costumers Guild - I belive this is a group of people, from Australia, who provide ornate clothing for people.

Nimbin Studio DevK - Wild guess this is Gerkinman's table. I've never read any of his stuff, so I dunno.

Siberian Productions - Laocorn has really grown in the past number of years and he's an enthusiastic fellow, Dark Moon Rising is ok and the new series of Billy looks alright.

Rubber Chocobo Productions - I thought this might have to do with rubber/chocolate chodas but unfortunately i doubt it

Local Act Comics - possibly the break out books for Supanova, 4 titles that are getting a bit of buzz.

Webcartoonists Australia - the magic eightball say webcartoonists from Australia

Storm Publishing - Another mainstay of local comics, they usually offer what seems like 30 titles, I haven't read any because i have no idea where to start.

Oztaku - Oztaku is improving, the last one i read was 70% good, though the whole POD thing seems like a step backwards. If they are selling Michael Li's stuff pick it up quickly, it always sells out because its fabulous stuff.

Cardigan Comics - These guys consistently produce good smart comics; Tango is always a satisfying read. I haven't read much else so i'll be buying stuff from here. Also i think Phillip Bently will be selling Word Balloons there too.

Queenie Chan and Katie Huang - Queenie's The Dreaming is a good read and i'm hoping to pick up Volume 2. And from her LJ she seems to know what she's talking about which is always appreciated, it'll be good for a chat. Katie Huang released Generations, a very nice manga graphic novel/anthology, which is quite hard to get but worth the effort.

Littlehammer Studios and Umiyama Creative - LittleHammer is Marcelo Baez's company, who does the awesome Diabla, 2 years back he had a preview of issue #5 maybe he might have the complete issue. But Diabla is highly recommended. I have no idea who Uniyama Creative, Mr Tang perhaps?

12121 Entertainment - I belive this is a collective of roadies who test micrphones but in an entertaining fashion. UPDATE - Actually NO, its Gary Lau who has Knight Edge 1,2,3 but not 4! But he'll have another book which is text driven but has pictures of swords and samurais so I'm sold.

Golgotha Graphics - This could be Jules FABER (Sorry Jase) and his very nice Golgotha series (its painted and very lush) or it could be this. Or even both, I dunno.

Goji Juice - 'staining books and sketch pads since 2005'. Or it could be some sort of dragonball jizz

Amber Campbell - no idea who she is or why she needs 3 tables in Artist Alley, i'm hoping its because she's a runway model. UPDATE: This is the hayese group which to my knowledge comprises of Komala Sing (Pirotess), Matt Huynh (Stikman), Nate Soehardi (Nate Sohardi) and they'll be selling heaps of good stuff like Moshi Moshi #12 - we just need Knightedge #4, Finch #4, Diabla #5 and the end will be nigh. Nigh I say!

SuAnime' -

Juaws - Just Using Acronyms Without Sense? I'm guessing an anime club

Video Games live - is this the symphony orchestra thing where they play Video games tunes?

Not in Artist Alley but worth a look

Phosphorescent Comics - Get Witch King and Azerath. I'm going to guess that the Azerath guys will be there and possibly Christian Read. Hopefully Paul Abstruse will sign boobs but last i heard he was working that weekend.

20 Bucks Short - A short film by Alex Major of Noami and Poggie fames and Quayline (and a very funny bloke)

Operation Funnybone - because it had the distribution of Blue Whale Athele's foot it might be a good opportunity in getting a book that features almost everyone and supports a good cause.


Fistfull of Comics - Following up their rampage at Doujicon Team radelaide will be presenting a whle bunch of comics; like Pretty Zombie, Angry Comic shop guy, Fistfull of Comics, Timsby the Demon and other stuff. Its all really good, at Brisbane supanova these all sold out on the first day or so. Also available will be Anthology Alvin which, while not the best drawn comic ever is quite a good dramatic read.

Sureshot Presents - Me and Doug Holgate will be holding court, telling you what you need to know. Like "Waterworld is not that crap of a film", "Minicomics is not a dirty word", "Your fullbleed wolverine tshirt is too small". Also to break up the monotony we will be selling comics like Surehot Presents Gothic Boogaoloo, Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyeball and the new Sureshot Presents Flippin' Good, Pardner! (Working title) featuring Doug Holgates' Spaghetti Western and Checkmate Wordsworth. The first 2 sureshots are almost sold out so be quick.
Also available Basic Wage Kids #1 and #2 by Owen Heitmann, Tales from under the bed by Holgate and VS by me.

(if you have any more info, post a comment)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SureShot and I (and doug) rock

Two thinks, I went for my third fitting on my new suits (one for marriage, the other for work) and i look totally hot.

Secondly, I picked up SureShot Presents Doug Holgate and VS#1 and they, believe it or not, are even hotter!
(moreso the former)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Shane McCarthy plays 52 pick up

According to All the Rage and this hint Perth comic writer Shane McCarthy will be writing a post 52 series. Getting a tie-in gig like this is pretty cool, because its usually the final step before getting a mainstream regular series (batman, superman, flash, etc); see Mark Waid doing Underworld Unleashed and Gail Simone doing Villians United.

And he can dance ladies!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Phosphorescent Website

Phosphorescent Comics has done a redesign of their website and its a vast improvement and more interestingly there's an interesting thread about the future of the company

Personally, I never could get into the Watch, PC's attempt to build a universe has pretty much led to the same results as all the other companies in building a universe (Dark Horse, Valiant, Defiant, CrossGen, etc) ie pretty unsuccesful. Whilst its comendable that they went work for hire, the product and audience never hooked up.

I'm way more excited by creator owned stuff like Azerath (seriously buy the trade or issues its a really enjoyable read); series that are regularly released, have a wide market/audience appeal (but not superheroes because there's enough competition there already) but are finite enough to build a trade program (i think people are more prepared to buy when they know their will be five trades in a series, as opposed to open eneded).
And talking about trades, one shots like Witch King; though with high upfront production costs are easier to market and have wider retailer scope (comic shops and bookstores). I would totally forget about 4 part mini-series; they exist for too short a period to build an audience and even if you do then you have to backtrack and find the older issues which most likely have been sold out. Its a headache for buyers and publishers alike.

But a bimontly 200 page book would be awesome, but hard to make it work with getting newstand distribution and the content to put in it (see oztaku).

I'd probably suggest do a magazine; with articles and reviews not just on comics but with comics. Even a new mania/krash type book for kids.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Heroes and Villians Exhibition in the Age

Kevin Patrick's Hereos and Villians exhibition from all reports I've heard is really cool - so read about it in this very cool article in the Age

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Local Comics goes Unlocal

I did have a massive rant on what its like going suit shopping with my dad (imagine a six foot 1 two year old at a check out screaming because he can't have the lollies he wants) but this is better; new publishers, Local Act get some ink in Warrnmaball.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vs (It's been awhile)

Based on the strip i did for the last 24 hour challenge; 2 guys, 1 goatee, 1 fubu hat, 1 bar, 2 beers, 2 choices, at least 1 laugh.

Are you ready for?
Ginger vs Mary Anne

Eddie Campbell vs Alan Moore
Midget vs Giant
Penis vs Anus

It'll just be a con special and i'm tempted to have a blank page to do scripts on the fly (instead of sketching).

And off course, if anyone has requests post'em because I'm already running out of ideas.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sureshot Presents Checkmate Wordswoth

At Supanova and then after all the regular haunts

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sureshot Presents Spaghetti Western

At the end of Dougtober at Supanova

Monday, October 02, 2006

Communicating thru Comics

On Luke W's Function Form:Interaction Design he talks about using comics as a communication device in website design; kind of like paper prototyping but more for management to help wrap their heads around a concept - which is a problem i come up against quite often; if i could draw it might be useful. Might have to resort to sock puppets.