Friday, September 07, 2007

The Mount

Em, had a lunch meeting down in Mt Gambier today, usually see drives down and stays over night but because of other factors she had to drive there and back in the same day. So i took the day off work and joined her for the trip.

In essence, 9 hours of driving + tasting a dozen wines + purchasing 7 bottles of wine, buying 6 comics from a 2nd hand store + eating 2 burgers (one nice pub burger for lunch, one road house burger for dinner) + 1 Dean Martin CD + Spring = A Great day


The Frase said...

The only place in SA I've ever been to is Mt Gambier! And I've been there twice!

Sounds like a good day you had!

LFW said...

I'm glad to hear that you are having some good days now since that recent bout of bad days that happenned.

Cheers to you, buddy

your pal


Mark Selan said...

Frase - I think Mt Gambier is closer to Melbourne than Adelaide

LFW - appreciated mate