Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Retailer of the Year

I visited a couple more shops this year, and though on a visit or two its hard to appreciate the level of service people with pullboxes, these are some of the shops i've liked.

Pulp Fiction Comics - Adelaide
This is my home store but i only shop there because of the passion and enthusiasm of its owner Peter. The shop is small and looks cluttered and the lack of natural light makes it look dirty, but in terms of service its awesome. Every month the shop sponsors drinks at a local pub where fans and creators chat and drink. The website might look a bit 2000, it has all the information you need. A fine supporter of local comics - he has a designated area near the entrance and cashier. He goes all out for FCBD and actively seeks media attention for his shop (biased alert - the shop sponsored the 24 hour challenge). He is building a relationship with libraries which can only be good for the visibility of comics as a medium.

Impact - Canberra
I've never been to this shop, but Mal is a big supporter of Sureshot Presents and other Australian titles. A sponsor of the 24 Hour challenge, i really like his annual signings as a way of people connecting with local creators - i wish other shops did this.

Otherwise I think, besides the shrinkwrapping, Minotaur is doing a good job. And Kings is always a good clean respectable store.


Anonymous said...

For the record (in case anyone ever wondered), I didn't really realise there was a Pulp Fiction comics shop in Australia when I was trying to think of a name for the Pulp Faction forums. I might have reconsidered it had I known (or a bit some more time on Google).

A useless bit of trivia. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, Peter is so stoked right now, I can tell.

Get a couple of plants in there and a lava lamp, and I reckon Adelaide comic shop would be the new place to bounce, know what I'm sayin'?



Mark Selan said...

MAggie - I think you both Pulp Faction anD pulp Fiction both rose from the primordial ooze at a similar time.

LWF - Every comic shop in the world needs a ficus and a lva lamp