Monday, October 08, 2007

This should go in my facebook question thing, but all the same

If i wanted to buy cool tshirts online from Australian sources i would look where?
(Please don't say google)


Simon Sherry said...

You could give a try. I'm in the process of putting some stuff together to flog there, and have already ordered one to see what the quality of the shirts were like (not too bad). There's a fair mix of stuff, so it's worth a look.


Komala said...

I dig the shirts at - yes they are Australian! Discovered them at the Sydney Writer's Festival zine fair this year and the two shirts I bought became instant favourites.

Ive said...
Ignore the preview pics with the weird boxes around them.
But I do recommend having a look around the rest of redbubble. The actual shirts look and feel very nice.

stikman said...


Sydney just had a Shirt Festival and you can find all the local shirt designers at as well as the subsequent online auction. Sydney comicker Pat Grant was among them.

"People Like Us" is a Sydney based group. Their designs come from all over (eg. Brandon Reese), but their packaging is amazing - earlier releases come in a shoebox of goodies, whilst later releases come in tote bags filled with artist info, postcards, stickers and lollies >

Meet Tyrone (Sydney)>

Via Alley (Sydney) >
(boutique, not exclusively Aussie wares)

Limedrop (Melbourne) >

happy shopping!


The Frase said...


(keep an eye on Red Bubble though, as I predict it's going to be one to watch as the quality of art improves)

andrew said...

you might like hamb? Or even just have a look at some of the artist links off the rose st market website

Mark Selan said...

The redbubble one is really good.

thanks for the tips and the pointing in the right direction