Saturday, May 05, 2007

Free comic book day - Pulp Fiction Comics - Adelaide

Yesterday was a good day, started with finally finding the right voice for an article I'm doing for Pirotess' new zine - where I'll be matching comics with the approriate wine. Its a fun little piece. I also finally started packaging up a bunch of envelopes and parcels to send various people - as i've stated before for some reason whenever i have to deal with post office i get this wave of procrastination.

But yes, off to the city - i had recently bought the new Blow Up Betty ep, from the drummer who i work with, and rocked out to it. I've been working out to the 'Be your own pet' album, which i'm slightly getting tired of so now i have new femme rawk to power through.

The Mall was pretty quiet but then i did spot a couple of blue Free Comic Book Bags and as i got closer to King William they increased number. I ducked in to a food court and had some lunch and on leaving came across


as well as Harley Quinn (photos from Supanova)

Then off to the shop i found this

(and when i left 40 minutes later)

It was a constant stream of people, emo kids, families, pretty ladies (one as she left made the comment "I'm a comic virgin" which has no real retail friendly come back, except maybe "Well i hope you come again").

I grabbed a handful of comics, including the last remaining copy of OzComic Magazine #3 in the world. I had given Peter about 30 copies of 5 and 6 and he had about another 7 which he put out as well (i gave him SSPs in return) when i got there there was about 27 left, which did not make me feel great ("can't give them away - dammit"). I think comic shop people need colour covers - and have to engineer SSp some how to do that - ponder power engage!

I also picked up Essential Godzilla, Drifting Classroom 1 and 2, Lady Snowblood #4, Losers Vol 5 and Jeffery Brown's I Can be Small on sale - Pete did try and sell me the Jeffery Brown Cat book, but i declined sure i like his "oh i love her she left me" stuff but i'm not that lame. I got the Godzilla book because i think it'll only ever get one print run because of the rights and most of the stories have thor or Shield in them so it might never see print again.

The Grace started slowly but after kicking ass in eightball (i think i'm unbeaten in singles). Beer was drunk and pizza was eaten. I chatted with Pete about the day; apparently he gave away 4000 comics, so if it was a limit of 2 per person - that's 2000 people. Which broken down is about 4 people down the stairs every minute, which seems kind of right from what i saw. Also half of the peices in the Instanataneous exhibition have sold in 5 days - and next year it will be even bigger.

Owen told Dan about his cyber encounter with Ben Templesmith and knees quivered . We belive Ben Templesmith must often google himself, specifically the term "Kill Ben Templesmith" or he's a fan of Basic Wage Kids.

A pretty decent day.


LFW said...

is that Sarah in that wonderwoman outfit? man, what a sellout, ha ha.


your fan


Anonymous said...

Wonderwomen never looked so good....