Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Instantaneous II

Next Tuesday, 4th of December at the Grace Emily, Pulp Fiction Comics is present the second Instantaneous exhibit charity auction.

The first Instantaneous went well, raising $1800 for Adelaide Soup Kitchens.

The second Instantaneous promises plenty of wine, 35 pieces of art that will be auctioned by a professional auctioneer. Peter from Pulp Fiction has also spread the word to a lot of the art news places in Adelaide so it should be a good night.

More details at the Pulp Fiction Comics website and Facebook

I have another piece in it and I hope it sells.

On a related note, December 1st is the monthly Panel and Gutters comics drink up at the Grace Emily so if you like comics - turn up.

1 comment:

Shane Lockwood said...

Even if you hate comics, turn up anyway and tell us you hate them.

Your piece did sell, quite well in fact. Everyone did quite a lot better than they were expecting.