Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sureshot Presents .....Submissions

Sureshot Presents a Guide to Australian comics is out and so far is availble from Pulp Fiction Comics in Adelaide and Minotaur Comics in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra should be sending in their orders soon, but i'm sure a gentle reminder from customers in the guise of "Where's Sureshot Presents, i know its out, whheeeere Is it?" followed by crying would be helpful.

Other news is that I just sent Mandy Ord another 200 copies of Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyeball after she sold out her first run of 150 in 9 months (I sold out my share in about the same time).

I'm looking for submissions, let my friend Doug Holgate (behind Sureshot Presents All Adventure Annual) explain

"I made $$$ PEOPLE!!"
"If you can handle Mark constantly touching your knee at public events...you certainly stand to make some bucks!"

So if you have something on the drawing board or even something in the bottom drawer shoot me an email for more deatils about Sureshot Presents


LFW said...

how come you never touched my knee?

now the real feelings come out, ha ha

your pal


Mark Selan said...

You didn't sit at the table long enough