Monday, August 27, 2007

Ribbed sensation

7kg of ribs + 6 bottles of wine + 12 peeps + fire = the goodness


The Frase said...

BBQ season has begun!!

Did you marinate the ribs first?

Also-I've been meaning to dig up that recipe you posted AGES ago for the kangeroo pizzas!
Our local supermarket stocks some really nice roo meat!

Mark Selan said...

Actually I oven roasted the ribs (just seasoned in salt and pepper) so non-marinated. Fire refers to the brazier.

And the kangaroo pizza -
I don't worry about the zucchini and use spanish/red onions instead

The Frase said...

Thanks for the link!

G said...

Man, I love ribs. Mum makes this killer black bean steam ribs dish that I've since learnt and it's one dish I'm happy to make whenever I can.

Also love those marinated bbq ribs and your oven roasted ribs with just salt and pepper sounds delicious as well.