Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th of May is Free Comic Book Day, a day where you can go to a participating comic shop and recieve a free comic or two.

In Adelaide Pulp Fiction Comics (King William St and Rundle Mall) is participating and usually do a good job of it. Last year 2500 books were let free, to run rampart and infect people with comic-goodness. People dressed up in costumes and many comics where on sale (20% off GNs, 25% manga, comics older than 3 months old cover price).

This is will probably be better - i'm sure of it. More costumes, more comics, more people!

OzComic Magazines will also be available for free. This might be the case at Kings, Impact and Ace Comics (can someone let me know if this happens).

And then its off to the Grace Emily to drink, talk comics and check out the Instantaneous Exhibition.

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