Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Ledger of Honor

My consideration for nomination for this acclaimation, requires an examination of publications, creations as well as occupations of those who have, you know, done stuff for comics in Australia.

This year is probably a good year to provide some congraulation to Aaron Burgess, for his work with Comics Australia. It was an invulable resource providing hints and tips, news as well as a distribution point to sell comics. If it wasn't for Comics Australia I wouldn't have discovered Anthony Woodward, Mandy Ord, Leigh Rigozzi or a stack of other talented creators. Comics Australia was retired this year and i think it had a great impact on the scene that needs to be acknowledged.

From last year, I'll nominate Tonia Walden again, because she does a bunch of stuff behind the scenes which needs to be validated. What really is cool about Tonia is that even after being around for at least 10 years in the national comic scene she isn't at all cynical, that's amazing - i was cynical after about 6 months of hanging out at Ozcomics. But she mails out mini-comics to people, does a shop for friends who can't make it to supanova and generally is awesome. Her anthologies have given a lot of creators their starts (she even drew up one of my stories) so I think she deserves a nomination.

I think retailers who support local books need to be recognised - George Vlastaras has been supporting books for years, buy purchasing copies, buying ads and doing stuff like instore signings.

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practicecactus said...

I think Tonia deserves the nod just for the fact she isn't cynical about it all.

She's Awesome.