Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alien Circus is actually like a circus

Once upon a time there was a set of graphic novels called 'Alien Circus' written by Dave Roman and with art from the talented LF Weber. It was created as a work for hire project for Platinum Studios. Then there was a name change to "Adventures in Tymm" seemingly because the url for was taken. It still wasn't actually published; Platinum Studios only recently published their first recently even though they've been around for 4 years.

Anyway then 2 days ago, the first 5 pages of Alien Circus was published through the Platinum Studios web comic arm, DrunkDuck as a web comic. Except without the creators names attached but then that was rectified after Dave Roman mentioned his disappointment on his LJ.

I hope this means that the book will get published soon.

your pal

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LFW said...


I'm so there, finally! it is being shown to the world.

a pity that I had to hear it second hand from your blog, Mr. Selan. You are my hero.


your pal