Saturday, December 08, 2007

A year ago today

Me and BJ turn up after enjoying pints and burgers and a mad dash for forgotten accessories (my belt and shoes). This was after i was admonished by my mother for not wearing a tie which in turn caused my father to rip his tie off to use as a belt (he too had forgotten his belt). He stated that no one would notice, but then spent the rest of the day asking people "Do you like my belt?"

As the string quartet played, the lovely bride treads the aisle

The day was a 42 degree scorcher so we had to do some last minute re-arranging, ergo the ceremony in the shade.

And married

Post photos rehydration

Joining the ceremony fun

The night was relaxed with people enjoying the much cooler evening. About 60 of close friends and family joined the festivities, including 14 that made the trip from the old country. I made a knob of myself in my speech by using the phrase "if you ever wake up with a hooker, call me, sorry, shit i mean dead hooker" and then doing a rather embarrassing/cute shuffle/wedding dance.

It was a good day


twalden said...

Being the type to look at pictures first rather than read the captions my first thought was - but isn't Mark already married? Doh!

Matty B said...

Happy Anniversary Mr Selan! Hope it was a good one!

BJ said...

Congrats a plenty my friend. Seems like yesterday.

LFW said...

wow, these are some wickid photos, I like the intimate and casual setting of your wedding.

way to go dude.

cheers to you

your pal


Mark Selan said...

Tonia - Yeah, it's embarrassing but it took us about 10 months to get the photos. We still haven't really printed them out - showed our parents, etc. We were there, why do we need photos?

Matty B - hey thanks MR B, it was a good one except for a cranky xmas tree seller

BJ - Cheers, you played a good role in the day (it was fun heckling you)

LFW - yeah, it looked good and added to the vibe.