Thursday, May 31, 2007

Armeggedon to Melbourne

In the soap opera that is Supanova and Armegeddon, Armegeddon has announced that they are now going to be in Melbourne in October this year, not Sydney. Of course if you've already booked your flights and accomadation - sucks to be you.

But this is a really decent solution, those interested can read the awesomely passive aggressive press release which is ok because "they totally started it, so neh".
Even more interesting is that next year both Melbourne and Sydney shows will be October.

I'm tempted to go, team radelaide road trip.


Anonymous said...

They actually went back and edited out the truly juvie bit.

twalden said...
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twalden said...

I must admit even with apparent complete lack of business sense, a con in Melbourne in October is kind of appealing.

practicecactus said...

aww man, you guys are gonna to Armageddon? That's a shame.
It has the better guest line up, but eww, I can just imagine how crap it's gonna be if that organiser is anything to go by. Ben and David said the one in New Zealand wasn't that special, so who knows.
I hope enough people go to sydney snova to warrant going.