Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The wine blog

Sipped, Slurped and Swigged South Australian Wines is the wine blog. Whilst i haven't updated it in awhile, i have scribbles of notes around the place concerning the dozen or so wines I've drunk in the past 2 months.

The description does say it all, its more for me than others, so ergo it has been described by others (actually other) as "written while drunk. its terrible". I haven't found a groove yet, in terms of what i actually review a wine.

On a very related, i had great fun writing wine/comic reviews for Pirotess' Food zine (which i can't find a direct link for). Instead of matching food and wine, i pondered what South Australian wine I'd drink with specific Australian comics. If memory serves me correctly I covered Happy Birthday Anyway, Guh! and Witch King . If i can find the file I might post it up (if its cool with Miss P Tess.


LFW said...

yo M-Slan, I can'ts drink the wine but I still enjoy reading your wine blog, good work, don't dissapear after this post.


your pal


Mark Selan said...

Why can't you drink wine? Because of 'red food don't make the agreement with LFW'?
try white wine, if you can, i used to turn my nose up at white wine because i thought it girly. I now longer think this way.

douglas said...

Went to a Coonawarra wine tasting tonight. I got drunk.

The something Rose and blah dee blah Riesling were the best.

Also only recently rediscovered White Wine. Possibly because i'm enjoying lighter wines like Pinots etc.
(When are you in town? They have wine tastings at Fed square pretty much every other week. Mostly independent vineyards. Good fun.)8

Mark Selan said...

Coonawarra Rose sounds interesting. when summer hits i prefer lighter wines too, though i haven't found a pinot noir i like, tastes like charcoal and cough syrup to me.

Wine tasting sounds good, i'm there 13 or 14th of september