Monday, May 30, 2005

Graphic Novels and the Weight

On the otherside of a post from last week, a quick run down of the graphic novels I've read in the last couple of months.

Dark Knight Strikes Again - I had heard a whole bunch of complaints before I read Miller's last release before the Sin City movie; sloppy art, bad colouring, etc, i didn't thaink that was the case; the colouring was garish at times but the art fit in well. However it did lack the political resonance of Dark Knight Returns but for an adventure comic its great.

Walking Dead Vol 3 - I like apocalypse/end of society stories and subsequently i like Walking Dead, it helps alot that its well put together. My main criticism is that its very talky, Aldard (the artist) first came to my attention when he did the XFiles comic (which was very good for the first year and a bit) but again he is saddled with a writer that fills panels with talking heads. It would be nice if once in every volume there was a couple pages of zombie brain hammering, not the odd panel. However on the good side, all that talking does provide a basis for rich and rounded characters.

Hate Vol 1 - Couldn't recommend anything more than this volume spanning the first 15 issues of Peter Bagge's Hate (and its only like 25 bucks). Again, alot of talking heads (but is a slacker comic after all) but some very funny visual stuff as well.

Barefoot Serpent - I'm usually pretty cluey about metaphors and subtext; i like making connections between peices of narrative, but Morse's juxtaposed biography of Akira Kurosawa and Adventures of Hawaiian Girl perplexes me. i liked Morse's Commissioner Gordon/Batman one shot and Plastic Man comics i picked up cheap once but this did not do much for me. Maybe i need to reread it.

Trenches - i mixed up Scott Morse and Scott Mills. In either case, it was ok, just lacked a bit of oomf, some resonance or something.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

things that make me laugh

Carrying on from Dean's LJ, other things that make me laugh
-Brain freeze,
-people falling a sleep on public transport (they do that whole head drop thing and wake themselves up when they tip too far forward),
-and a story involving my best mate, his brother, their girlfriends, a bucket of piss and a croaking frog.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Jedii from the past

I have yet to see that film but have been considering other jedii from celluloid history. The criteria; kick ass silent types that say 'deep' philisophical things, who don't get emotional or any nookie.

Chris and Britt (Bryner and Coburn respectively) from Magnificent Seven

Constable Ichabod Crane from Sleepyhollow; a weak jedi but he does take on Darth Maul, Dooku and Sidious

Max Rockatansky from Mad Max 2

Scott from Spartan

Scott: In the city there is always a refelection, in the woods always a sound.
Curtis: What about the desert?
Scott: You don't wanna go to the desert.
Boone from Lost

Pvt. Vasquez from Aliens

Lee from Enter the Dragon

Close calls
Dalton from Road House (except for the haybale shag he'd be Jedi)

Thursday, May 26, 2005


A friend was searching for male underwear models when he discovered
so I'm passing it on as a service to all the underwear deficient artists out there

and for the writers and funny people
Not for prizes but for glory (underwear sounds good about now)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Indy comics and the wait

Back in the day, before graphic novels saveded comics, everyone released floppies/pamphlets/comics - some regularly, some irregularly.

Marvel and DC were regular. The indendents were irregular but there was always something. There was always an Eightball, or Hate, or Andi Watson effort. A Sin City series was pretty annual, Madman, the tick, bone, stray bullet, a pekar effort. There was always something cool to grab.
Now days it feels output has ground to a halt. DC and Marvel would have filler issues when regular creative teams on a book were late. Now everyone is working on and for trades. Since stories are designed for 6 issue cmpliations, Editors don't like interrupting stories with inventory, which is sort of understanable.
So you have stuff like Ultimates coming out 5 times a year (i'm not sure, don't read it but i've heard its not anywhere near monthly). On the indy side, creators are going straight to Graphic novel, skipping serialisation, meaning i have to wait a whole year for 144 pages, instead of 2 months for 28 pages.

What am i supposed to read on the dunny?

Sure some really good stuff is serialised, like Andi Watson's stuff, Losers, Y the last man, etc but i'm going to get the trade anyway and I don't like paying for the same thing twice (lap dances being the exception).
So i have to buy something, i've been socially conditioned by Marvel and DC to buy something when i visit my local comic shop, so i buy bubble gum pop comics.

Sleeper - the second season not as great as the first but still good (and its finished now too).
Legion of Superheroes - on time, dependable. Its got great pacing and dialogue.
Young Avengers - yes i'm a sucker for teen comics, but this is very funny and has some weight, ie its not over in 10 minutes.
Blade of the immortal - this i'm getting because of momentum, haven't actually read it for years, but it looks pretty
Captian America and the Falcon - Christopher Priest makes comics worth reading, its a shame he's usually held back by crappy art and his books keep getting cancelled.

Besides Blade, all wordy dense comics.

Also tried recently
City of tommorrow - Blow jobs, head wounds, weird hair; check check check. Its a Howard Chaykin comic. Not bad, i'm interested in more.
Desolation Jones - Warren Ellis, writing fan fiction staring himself. It was clever that the main chracter was in an experiment that meant he didn't sleep for a year and so far the set up is homage to "Big Sleep" but otherwise - nice art.
Nerd of Apocalypse - crap

Pull it, St Peter

FFFFFFFaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrkk you made me laugh

Monday, May 23, 2005

comics and the links

OzComic 24 hour comic challenge in Art Monthly

Also if any artists live in the NSW area of Hawksbury and are doing the challenge let me know, the local paper is interested in doing a piece.

About one week to go to apply for a free trip to Korea - don't make me and a korean girl cry.

Dillon adds another dimension to Batrisha

I don't usally check out many web comics, not because they aren't good, more because if i look at one, then i'll have to look at them all which means i'll never get any done. But Dean Rankine puts them in his livejournal so i don't have to make an effort.

David Tang has provided a comic on his livejournal (which he doesn't update enough)

otherwise i still haven't seen that movie yet. i'm more interested in seeing xxx2 but feel if i don't see that movie soon i will be just too far behind the cultural zeitgiest that movie has.

Secret Wall Tattoos rock.

For cool tshirts - threadless is having a sale; $10 tshirts, i bought 3 last year for $55 austraylian dollas

If you see or hear from Turps, please get her to contact me.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dick waving and pissing in the wind and my need for symmetry

Friday 13th
Friday before last was awful, my head was killing me and all i wanted to do was go home.
But Emma was having work drinks in a city pub. She said she'd leave early so i wanderred around town, slowly, and grabbed greasy fast food, because greasy fast food always makes me feel better.

Dickwaving incident #1
Two groups of kids starting trying to impress each other, with various acts of bravado. Adelaide is really lucky to have had a large wave of African immigrants settling down in the past couple of years. But i wonder why, having coming from a great culture (watching the adults walk around town, always in bright immaculate clothes is very cool) the teens all have to dress like they are in a Puff Daddy film clip. So boring -(says the man that spent his late teen years in flannel shirts and ripped jeans).
Thankfully, nonecked security scuttled the 'Beat it 2005' film clip scenario

Dickwaving incident #2
The last one was more metaphorical.
From Hungry Jacks it was on to a local pub where i could quietly have a beer. All good. The men's dunny in this fine establishment is small - tiny small. The urinal and basin are right next to each other. I was, making mum proud, washing my hands when next to a piss pan patron went to shake off. but not shake shake zip, but he wagged it like a metronome. Dutifully, to the code, i looked away for awhile but had to look down to turn off the water. and it was still going, like the appendage on newton's balls. I dried my hands, and left. He's probably still there.

Dickwaving incident #3
I mingled with Emma's workfriends as best i could, it was a private fiunction with free booze. but Emma was already sloshed so it was Driver Mark drinking sensibly for the rest of the night. 30 minutes, strectched to 60 minutes, stretched to private room is closed to everyone downstairs with the rest of the punters. This particular pub was having a 70/80s night and was full of business men types looking for loose women; so pretty much like most pubs. I sat solo outside and meditated over a beer while inside Emma and co danced inside to Choir Boys and Jimmy Barnes and Queen and yes they were all drunk.
Around 11, lawyers stumbled out got up on the table i was sitting at and started to strip tease; tie - off, shirts - unbuttoned, belt - unbuckled, pants - pulled down. Of course he chickened out when he got down to his undies.
but not his mates who then decided to whip the wangs out and given them a good shake at the ladies gathered outside.
There's always one friend who just loves whipping it out. Dirty Cole, used to smack it on the bar, dangle it it your jacket pockets and rest it on his wrist and ask your opion on his new watch. Its weird, then funny, then weird again, then kind of lame.
The limp dick laywer's mates sat down and i chatted with one, who i kept calling Craig, instead of Phillip (i had met a craig earlier in the night and reached my quota of new names).

Friday 20th
Pissing in the wind incident #1
I'm supposed to meet Emma at the food markets to by produce for dinner. She isn't in the spot and has no mobile phone. This means i stand outside the bong shop waiting for her (its a convenient spot).

Pissing in the wind incident #2
After doing the groceries we rushed to the car so we didn't have to pay for an extra hour of parking. Car don't start. car battery is dead. Roadside assistance will be an hour. Emma, on my csase due to bad diction keeps saying "Not baddery, baTTery", "I'm Saying battery!" "No you are saying baddery, with a D" "fine from no on, its a Barry, no ts no Ds".
(as an aside i hate dealing with Roadside Assistance, not the people but i feel its a blow to my already precarious masculinity that i need someone to help me with a car. I can do all manner of building exercises from installing ducted air conditioning to tiling, welding to replacing a washer, i learnt how to handle various hand guns and rifles, i can throw a punch but when it comes to car; i can break into them and drive them and agree with whatever the mechanic tells me - "the quarter valve oil injector has burnt out? of course! why didn't i think of that!")
2 hours later bang, vroom, vamoose

Pissing in the wind incident #3
um, i had to wait, like 5 minutes for a drink of coke at dinner.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Happy 71st birthday Australian Comics

The first Austrlian Comic was released today, May 20 1934.

It was Fatty Finn and it marked the start of the relationship between Fat Kids and comics ever since.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Russian to the comic shop

The Russian comic industry is not that much different from the Australian scene. Its usually bandied about that the local population can't support a local industry. Well Russia has a greater population and Russian artists still can't get their stuff printed by a publisher.

The other point is that the Convention organiser, Khikhus, guesses there will be about a dozen books released at the con, which is about par with what happens at Supanova (both sydney and brisbane) which is pretty good.

And is there a Moscowvite wondering if issue #4 of Finchnofski will ever be released?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

World Comic Artist Conference

I've been chatting with Joelle, a representative from the Bucheon Comic College, in South Korea about a cool opportunity.
Coming up at the end of September, there is the Bucheoon Comic Fair, where publishers and artists from all over Asia come and check out each others work; looking for new talent and what not.

I sent a whole bunch of stuff to the event last year, which was well recieved. They liked Batrisha and loved Eclectica's "Dogs" (i didn't send that over - Darran Jordan did)

This year , the Korea Cartoonist Association, has budgeted to invite about 40 guests from around the world, concentrating on picking a few artsists and publishers from each major country. Invited guests will get flights and accomadation and will be asked to attend presentations, galas and forums.

Publishers and artists are asked to present some sample pages and a resume of their work to the a committee of artists and organisers.
Invitations will be based on the quality of the work, the scope of work and the importance of that work (''influence and popularity").

The concept of scope and influence means to me that even if you haven't worked for DC or Marvel, but have been a long time self publisher, you have a good shot.

The portfolio should have about 8 pages of art (plus or minus a bit) and then a comprehensive listing of work, plus a biography - including details of awards, experience.

I don't think I can organise any translation this time, because i think i imposed on Sunny K too much last year, but i still have the material from last year which can be used. What would be a good idea is an online portfolio where art can be showcased and resumes attached and downloaded.

So if you are published and want to go to Korea, or know some one who would be good to showcase overseas, contact me, and I'll pass your samples on or give you contact details for Joelle.

Deadline 2 weeks

For more details on the World Comic Artist Conference -
(check out the gallery)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Spoils of "Woah, i just did a comic in 24 hours"

The rest of the prizes;

-A table in Artist Alley for Supanova (either in brisbane or sydney)courtesy of Supanova
-The opportunity to provide the backcover for Small Gods #12, courtesy of Jason Rand
-$100 gift voucher from Impact Comics
-An original comic art page from Stewart McKenny
-A $70 voucher and subscriptions to Azerath from Phosphorescent Comics

Phase Two Comics; will also have a 10% off sale for registered participants and then 20% off sale for winners.

So register

Thursday, May 12, 2005

female drummers are hot

Last night, i dragged myself from my warm house, to go see Darren Hanlon play in town. The past two weeks were catching up with me, long days and longer nights doing shit work which makes all the longer and more sapping. Without a nice average of 7 hours sleep a night, my old head gets migraines.
But i had missed out the last time he played, because of em's bday and i like the Jade Monkey (the venue) because its smoke free and cosy like.

I was alone because i got stood up by hard working father of 1.5 buddy and emma doesn't like music that she can't dance too (or have lyrics that make sense). I nursed a beer and tried to not look too Nigel NoFriends. The small club was rather packed and already facing the stage, like the support band had already played. I tried to time it so i would miss the support act, no diss to the support act, but i wasn't in the mood for second stringers. I wanted familar and good.

Non-Darren Hanlon musician strides on stage
Said musician is wearing an opshop jumper with a koala on it
He's plugging in a ukelele
He's got an accent
He's really good.
Jens Lekman, 22 year old Gothambergian (That's where Batmensche lives!) just captivated the crowd, i have never seen a support act be asked to do an encore. He sung like the guy from the Magnetic Fields, who inturn sings like the trobadour from Something about Mary. Sweet, funny, romantic stuff.

It was a shame i was by myself, i did speak to emma about the concept of a concert girlfriend. She brought about the concept of a swimming boyfriend, emphasising speedos. Concept aborted.

But jens lekman. CD. Must. Get.

After a short intermission, Darren came on. He is so not a rock star, he has the opposite to rock star looks, he can't get away with nerdy rockstar. But he has the cutest girls in the audience and they love him. Cute retro dressed red heads - sigh

I hate that i can't draw or play a musical instrument.

Darren actually rocked it out, i stood next to the speaker because an hour earlier i thought, 'hey why's isn't standing in that spot?, it's really close to the stage and i can put my drinks on the big black thing'. It seemed a good idea at the time.
i fear that one day the ringing in my ears won't stop and i'll join the ranks of William Shatner, David Letterman and that other famous guy with ear ringing thing which sounds like the foot fungus thing.

I realised that all female drummers are hot, even the one from Luscious Jackson.

Anyway he played all the classics and did a cover and it was all good. i bid my mental concert girlfriend goodbye (mentally) and went home.

So i recommend the show, its relatively cheap, the girls are cute and it would be a great opportunity to show off your new long sleeve tshirts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The greatest hip hop lyric ever

"I'm not sayin I'm number one, uhh I'm sorry, I lied
I'm number one, two, three, four and five"

Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight) - krs-one

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Eyes on the Prize

Some of the prizes kindly donated by beautiful people for the Ozcomic 24 hour Challenge

-A page of DC art by Gary Chaloner and a limited edition copy of John Law signed by Gary and Will Eisner
-$250 worth of trades from Pulp Fiction Comics
-A sketch by Nicola Scott
-A collection of Brisbane comics; Sporadic 1-5 (with a badge), Tonia Walden Anthologies, Crab Allan, courtesy of Jase Harper, Tonia Walden And L. Frank Weber
-6 month subscriptions and DVDs from FilmInk
-6 issues of ozcomics magazine and a selection of Australian comics, courtesy of me
-Signed photographs of famous people, courtesy of Hub Productions

With more to come

Monday, May 09, 2005

I want to buy your stuff

Can the following people please report to

Alice and Martina Mrongovius (Bandit Fox)
Ben Howard (Phosphorescent Comics)
Bernard Caleo (Cardigan Comics)
Darran Jordan (Eclectica Press)
David Blumenstien
David McDermott (Maccad)
David Tang
Dillon Naylor
Gary Chaloner
L. Frank Weber
Mandy Ord
Peta Hewitt
Scott Fraser
Silent Army
TalNon (Deerflame Graphics)
Tim McEwen

People want to buy your books
Thank you

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

Pulp Faction had a sale on Sunday but after buying a dvd burner I didn't feel like going nuts and buying a shelf load. So i went away with "the art of Frank Miller's Sin City", "Jar of Fools" and "Dark Knight Strikes Back" (After Christopher said - why don't you try something in colour?).

Because emma has been busy on an assignment, it was up to me cook dinner for the mothers' day, it was dinner for 7. Still feeling seedy from the day before - preparing squid was not fun - but at least i was able to hide in the kitchen and not have to interact with others.

For those playing at home (the short version)
Appetisers was eggplant and walnut dip with bread and kalamata olives
Entree was concertina style squid with pesto and grilled tomatoes
Main was roast lamb leg roll with roast potatoes, butternut and steamed squash.
And i don't do dessert, since the only dessert i acknowledge is ice cream, so i had emma reheat some of my mum's strudel.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

panels and gutters

Emma had the camera so these are presented for feeling.

Pulp Fiction comics was pumping, Peter the owner, had done a good media blitz (radio and street press), he got some people dressed up and roaming the city giving flyers and stickers out and had a massive sign out side the shop.
He also was having a sale on comics for cover price, so being cheap, i picked up some sleepers, blade of the immortals, bipolar and Tom Strongs. I grabbed the Alternative comics and Comic Festival freebies too. (and even though it had 'sold out' superman was able to fly to New York and grab me a copy of the Star Wars freebie - featuring nicola's work - woohoo)

I ran into Owen Heitmann there and we walked to the pub

As always there were new faces and some old ones. People tend to split into two groups, the people that sit around and draw and the people who sit around and drink. i can't draw.

Things I discovered
-sometimes porn videos are returned with lube still on them
-Andie Tong did a pin up in blade of the immortal #100
-Michael D is working on a Lost in Space 300 page graphic novel
-In australia, the predator, would be predo and his weapon would be a pint glass
-Chatted about challenge prizes with Peter
-At these things i always drink too much
-that Australia's only member of H.E.A.T. (the hal jordan something something team) lives in adelaide
-Brian Bendis dialogue is really easy to spoof
-its hard to define what a spoof is to someone who worked at a porn shop without laughing
-its hard to describe the award i won without sounding like a wanker

(i was too woozy by now to work the Google camera so knock yourself out)

So everyone had left, so me, simon and owen went to mcdonalds for dinner. Except someone had stolen Owen's bike seat. Now of course the harder you try not to laugh the more you laugh. So i was pissing myself, and laughing quite hard as well. (sorry owen).
Owen had a long walk home.
after eating it was back to the pub where i watched the band, waiting for emma to pick me up.

Then i decompressed watching Rage, (where was my poker channel 10!!) and thought about the trades i would buy the next day.

Friday, May 06, 2005

how many doctors does it take to change a light bulb?

I had a call about my tenant who was having trouble with some lights in the unit. A week later i remember that i better go fix it so at the prescribed time i rocked up, hoping that the bulb hadn't fused to the housing.

So, the only problem was that he couldn't take the light fixture's cover off, so in a minute it was fixed. And then i got juice.

He's a doctor, she's a software engineer - but i'm the lightbulb changing master!

anyway - off to Free Comic book Day and Yugel (we have to comic with a better name for the comic drinks - since noone likes supermegafuncomicdrinking time)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i feel so validated

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video: Including the Bali dvds that i have for backup reasons about 230, about 150 without the drinkcoaters

2. The last film I bought: Rififi and 400 Blows

3.The last film I watched: The Four Feathers (2003 version)

4.Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

I. Graduate - just perfection, its sad and funny and ironic

II. The Killer - John Woo at his best, i can't get enough of Chow's double gun goodness

III. Bad Boys 2 - Explosions, shoot outs, curse words and car chases.

IV. Fight Club - Brad and Ed; wear cool clothes, beat on each other and try and disturb the equilibrium. Its the straighest gay movie ever.

V. Breakfast club - because i'm a john hughes teen movie freak, Molly Ringwald -sigh-

Which five people am I passing the baton onto? And why?
I don't think i know five people
Jase Harper - hopefully Mania don't find out about his love for Polish snuff films
Dean Rankine - because i doubt Dean watches films he too busy getting it done
Cool Hand Luke - because i want him to reveal his anime love
Gary Lau - he has access to good asian films
Owen Heitman - the man can name the most obscurest punk bands in the world but I have a feeling he loves Martin Lawerence films

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Th art of cooking for two

Big fan of roo meat, its nice and lean, has a good meaty taste, that's still kind of delicate. usually i prepare it as a steak (sliced thin after cooking) in a blueberry/marsala sauce, served with something neutral like couscous. but i got inspired to go pizza style with the skippy flesh.

Kangaroo pizza
The thing about kangaroo is that it works really nice with sweet sauces, so that's the whole basis of this recipe.

This is for a pizza for two.
The first part is the dough, but I'm skipping this because i get my dough from a little old lady (its always a little old lady) at the continental shop. don't use the pizza bases from the supermarket - find a continental shop with a little old lady or go to your local pizza place/cafe and ask if you can buy some dough. (Or mix flour, water and salt yourself)

The oven with a pizza stone (you can get these for $15) should be heating up to Hot (above 220C).

So other than dough you'll need

Kangaroo (about 150-200 grams)
Sweet chili sauce
Tomato paste

dough (a ball about the size of a softball, bigger than a baseball)

olive oil
balsmaic vinegar

parmansean cheese
citrus zest (lemon is good)
tzaziki dip

The kangaroo should have been frozen and is starting to thaw. You can use unfrozen kangaroo but you have to chop it pretty fine and small so its easier to do when its frozen. Slice the meat thinly, try and keep the peices small (it'll be easier to eat). Then in a bowl, mix the kangaroo bits in the sweet chilli and let sit.

Now, i thought i was making carmelised onions, but when i double checked the recipe, what ever i had done in the past was not matching with the cookbook so i ditched the book. In a pan, over some medium heat, pour some olive oil and add a bit of garlic. Add some sliced onion (about 3-4 slices) and brown until the onion gets floppy. Add 5 splashes of vinegar, it will splatter a bit, and stir. The bottom of the pan should be covered in vinegar. then add 3 or so genererous pinches of sugar. Stir for awhile, till the sugar has dissolved. The vinegar should thicken a bit. With tongs take the onion out of the pan and place on some paper towel to absorb some of the liquid. (and while the pan is still warm add water - this will make clean up easier)

Stretch out the dough, flour the bench and put some flours on your hands. Try and keep only one side of the dough floured, and don't use a roller. Too much flour toughens up the dough and it makes the dough not 'accept' the toppings as much and it becomes a bugger to work with.
Stretch it out to the size of a dinner plate. if you are brave throw it around new York style. Then place the flat dough on some baking paper (this will make it easier to transfer it to the pizza stone)

Smear a bit of the tomato paste on the base. Sprinkle a bunch of parmasean, not heaps (to the consistency of sesame seeds on mcdonalds buns)and add chopped garlic.

Cut the onion so they are no longer in rings and add to the base.
Add the sweet chilli kangaroo and thin slices of zuchinni

Add more parmesan cheese

Throw it in the oven and bake for about 12-15 minutes.

Take it out and add the basil and lemon zest
Bake for another 2 minutes

Slice and serve with a small dollop of tzaziki dip (buy it or make your own)
Drink with either a soft beer like Corona or a grenache.

(you can replace the Zucchini with sun dried tomatoes or marinated eggplant)

Monday, May 02, 2005

News and Links

The "are you going to buy that" exhibition gets ink at the AGE

It features "Talitha Nonveillor's Elvish dramatic cartoon epic The Deerflame Legacy, to Gary Lau's scintillating manga-style portraits of bloodied martial arts combatants, extracted from his Knights Edge comic series, to Dean Rambine's touchingly morose depiction of the alphabet, and Alice Mrongovius' moody teenagers dreaming their lives away."

Dean Rambine and Mark Slean should right a comic called 'Spelman'

Kids in Canberra get young, black and deadly

And not related to comics, cheap hand painted Russian movie posters.
And more disturbing; Polish movie posters
For example Weekend at Bernies

And how do you tattoo a wookie?

And tomorrow - what i had for dinner

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Website and Registrations Open

The website for the OzComic 24 Hour Challenge is now up and running; you can check out the archives from last year as well as sign up for this year.

Spread the word to all your friends.
When the winners are announced there will be a prize of $200 cash given to a randomly picked referrer (person, website, store).
So if you have a website, use the banner

Also there are door prizes for people depending on their registration order; 1st, 24th, 68th, 100th, etc. (you have to do the challenge as well to get the prize)

Prizes will be announced in the coming weeks.
If you have any questions post them here.

Special thanks to Matt Bayliss and Simon McGill for their work on the site and hosting.
(If you spot any errors at the site post them here as well.)