Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Grants do happen to comic folk

Congratulations to Liz/Azuhru for getting grant cash money to fly to the San Diego ComicCon. Once there she'll have to do stuff like schmooze editors and most likely carouse with other creator, I look forward to reading her articles on


Anthony Woodward said...

that's pretty cool as usualy comics fall between art and lit and are not taken as seriously anyway. So yeah not an easy task to get grant money for comics...

LFW said...

well cock-a-doodle-fuck, ain't that amazin'

now if only we can get the the government to pay for five star hotels and a hire car while over there everyone will be set.


your pal


Daren said...

Good luck to her. Nice work if you can get it.

Ironically, the presentation of Australian work to an overseas audience is considered worthy...

Mark Selan said...

I think there about half a dozen examples of comics getting grants;
Knee Pockets #2
CAB (I think)
How to Save the World: A Beginners Guide
The Sarah Howell/Mandy Ord Dark oods touring exhibition

I get the top bunk!

Would there be enough grant money in Australia to show local stuff as be worthy to local audiences without adding robots or bam wham wow?

daren said...


I actually meant to type "isn't" but couldn't be bothered to correct it as I would have looked petty.

I don't understand how the grant thing works or what they look for. I put together an application for DeeVee 2001 (which from memory had Campbell, Chaloner, Ord, Carvan, Mutard etc) under the category of presenting Australian works (which that line up did then, and probably still does now, represent some of the best we have) to an overseas audience. Given that we were the only anthology that was carried by Diamond and was distributed world wide, I thought we were a shoe in. They took so long to reply that the book was published, sold out, and being reviewed in US and UK journals by the time they rejected it for lacking merit.

Anyway, good luck to her.

Are you going bext year? If so I'll see you there.

Mark Selan said...

Daren - I think with grants its a matter of upper class and lower class. Big australian movies get grants, like Australia, or on TV McLeod's Daughters gets money from the SA government. They give grants to surethings - they can be seen supporting something big and popular featuring Nicole Kidman's willowiness and Hugh Jackman's cheesy grins. And on the other end of the scale they give grants to the artist wishing to recreate Carl Barks work using their own excrement on pieces of driftwood because its 'innovative' and 'ground breaking'. But the people in the middle who have a track run but aren't glitzy and glamourous have to dig in their own pockets.