Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brisbane Writers Festival

If you are in Brisbane go to CYA Conference
and at 1:35 listen to the award winning Shaun Tan (The Arrival which ships soon to comic shops).

Ask him "Being an award winning graphic novelist, do you get like hot groupies and stuff?"

Unfortunately Nicki Greenberg (The Great Gatsby) is doing a talk at the same time, i would just wonder in between the two.

Ask her "Can you sign my copy of Great Gatsby and help me fill out my will?"

at 2.05 LF Weber (Crab Allan) reveals the paradise, THE PARADISE, that is game making! Mr Weber is nervous about the presentation, so help him out and turn up in your underwear.

Ask him "Platinum Studios is entering the share market, do you plan on buying any shares of the publishing company?"

Then straightafter, at 2:50 Mr Campbell (Uncanny Xmen #400 and From Hell) enters the ring. Whilst i have to admit that i prefer when he works with other writers (daren white, alan moore) his theories and general nattering about the sequential arts is top notch. (though, i rarely understand a word that comes out of his mouth).

Ask him "In regards to graphic novels, in particular the graphic novels you have worked on, both those graphic novels you've written and produced art for and those graphic novels you have only provided art for, do you prefer your graphic novels to be graphic or do you prefer your graphic novels to be novel, and if i may follow that up with, are graphic novels too good to read in the dunny?"

Then at 3:50 minicomics maestro Leigh Rigozzi (Tales of Hobartian life) talks about comic books.

Ask Him "If William Shatner had the powers of the Thor and Adam West had the powers of Superman, and they fought, who would win?"


LFW said...


man, I was drinking some tea while reading this and I laughed so hard it shot right outta my nose. This is a HILARIOUS post, you do the best posts ever.

I wonder how those kids are gonna look when I tell them that making games is not a paradise, shocked I suppose.

cheers to you

your pal


Mark Selan said...

let us know how it went