Friday, January 05, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Webcomic or Comic Strip of the Year

Usually i gloss over comic strips because they rarely satisfy my narrative needs but i've discovered a couple that have made me laugh.

Simply put - sex and violence will make me laugh pretty much everytime. In that vein, Angry Comic Shop Guy #1,#2,#3 by EvilDan were a fun read. My alltime favourite is Benson and Hedges by Giles from the Phatsville is just awesome - it appeared in Phatsville #8 and #9 and its own book this year (though a lot were repeats). Also i might be biased but i think my own VS is pretty decent.

Out of Canaan Grall's body of comic strips i liked A Girl Named Bruce the best (because of the sex and violence).

I think Owen Heitmann's Basic Wage Kids is really getting into a good groove (note i wrote 2 strips sometime back), its main advantage is consistency and the longer storylines has allowed Owen to build on jokes and characters. It does lack an edge but i can see that Owen is going for a more general audience.

I usually try and nominate 3-5 but there were so many great strips I'm including Jase Harper's great work on his daily comic (it was dailyish in september/october and had another burst in december). It was tidy simple stuff but it was actual fun, full of personality.

Lastly Sirive's Face stuff is very funny and a daily read for me ("Less rapes more japes").

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