Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good business and the business of being good

Apec this, Apec that. The media is full of stories of protesting APEC and hijacking APEC, but nothing about what APEC is actually doing. Its a shame, because if the media did report the truth it would pretty much establish why people are protesting it and hijacking it. Its pretty much so rich countries (which Australia truthfully only marginally fits into) and their businesses can get richer.

Now, I'm for business, as a means to support a family and community it can be an awe inspiring and satisfying activity.

So is probably the most beautiful antidote to the going ons of Sydney.


LFW said...

Damn, thanks for that link.

I hate how these big developed nations have these stupid secret meetings to see how they can continue to screw over the less developed nations.

cheers to you

your pal


Mark Selan said...

I'd rather have a newsagent in Tajikistan be successful than say the Australian Nuclear industry