Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Artist of the Year

Some really nice art this year, with a lot of people to nominate. Finding art to post is a bugger so if you are interested start googling.

Paul Abstruse work on Witch King was pretty cool, it has a touch of Mcfarlane that tickles my geekbone. Michael Li did a stunning job in his story in Generation 2006, he so effortless creates a mood and environment, its breathtaking. Probably the creator with the most pages to his name is Ryan Wilton this year and its all pretty funky stuff, well paced and expressive (appearing in Azerath). Doug Holgate’s Sureshot Presents All Adventure Annual was some of his best (though that gridiron stuff he posted on his LJ looked awesome) – and yeah I might be biased.
Steve Martinez (Practice Cactus) is an outstanding artist, with a huge natural talent - his Mojo and Fuzz lacks a polish but the anatomy, design and storytelling is phenomenal. I hope he pulls his finger out and does some more sequential work.
I would love to see Canaan Grall do some more comic stuff that breaks out of the comic strip format, his Gypsy and Astronaut stuff was really good.
Probably the new name on the block is David Babore, he did a really cool 24 hour comic in 2005 and has done some really expessive work in Yum Yum comics (probably my favoutrite out of the more cartoony artists mentioned). And lastly Tom Bonin work on Dicks is quite nice to look at, his line isn't as clean as most of the other artists mentioned but that's part of the charm.


Liz/Azahru said...

and don't forget Steve's other sequential work "Song so Uncertain" in the Ink... yeah tooting my own story, but I love what he did with it. He really made that story sing.

Anonymous said...

Why you give this Steve Martinez guy any mention is beyond me.
[In three entries?]
He draws like he doesn't care, hardly does anything and whines like an emo fag in his Ljs.

And what's with that facial hair, jeeze.

Liz/Azahru said...

ah, shut up Steve, and get back to drawing ;)

Mark Selan said...

Yeah, Song of Uncertain was probably the most polished work we've seen from Steve and it was very nice.

I think Steve is naturally talented at an incredible level - the whining and carry on is a turn off but i hope he does knuckle down, stop making excuses and do comics - he would go far (especially if he lost the beard)