Friday, June 30, 2006

Industry vs Scene: Phosphorescent Comics

One of the things i miss about the Ozcomics messageboard was that there was a high level of discourse concerning Australian comics and the various cultural, financial and creative constraints/benefits of the local product.
Sure, the same topics went around and around (I swear everytime someone mentions Nescafe Big Break my heart breaks big time because basing any business model around "winning" money is plain dumb) and at times people got - you know - overly passionate.
But there was talk that was always interesting and informative.

There is a great discussion at Phosphorescent comics Messageboard about scene vs industry. About business building and marketing; reality and dreams. If i get some time over the weekend i might chime in.

Otherwise pick up Azerath because I like it and you might too.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sydeney Supanova - Moves

Thanks to Andy for the tip but it appears that Supanova moves from its central harbour location (Wharf 8) back to Homebush. I never went to the first Supanova event but went to the ComicFest event in 2001 which was out of the sticks and it was a pain to get to.

I think there's the issue of cosplayers and safety; I don't know how safe the area is but as i understand it is pretty industrial so i wonder is it exactly safe for teenagers dressed weirdly to be travelling through there?
If it is a larger premises, i think it would be nice to offer some sort of changeroom so people can travel in safety and get changed at the site.
From a more selfish point of view, being an out of towner I'm concerned at having to carry 40kg of books across town without using a car. So i'd like Tim McEwen to pick me and all there artist alley from central sydeny and deliver us to the convention. It would also be nice if he wore a bus drivers hat.

or i'm possibly overreacting

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge - Winners

And the winners are

Best 24 Page General Comic

Caanan Grall - 'The Gypsy and The Astronaut'
Wins a fully paid table in Artist Alley for the next Supanova

Best 16 page General Comic
Micheal Li - 'Starcatcher'
Wins the 'Sureshot Presents' prize package, being incusion in the Sureshot Presents magazine plus 20 copies of that issue, AND a selection of graphic novels from Pulp Fiction comics.

Best 8 Page General Comic, Judges Choice
Jessica McLeod - 'Tea with a Space Rabbit'
Wins original artwork by Queenie Chan

Best 24 Page Mature Comic, Judges Choice
Tom Bonin - 'Who Knows'
Wins original artwork by Ben Templesmith

Best 16 Page Mature Comic, Judges Choice
Ricci - 'The Psych of Gemima Copper'
Wins a selection of graphic novels from Pulp Fiction Comics.

Best 8 Page Mature Comic, Judges Choice

Leon and Clare - 'Open all Night'
Wins $100 from Oztaku

Favourite Overall Mature Comic
Steve Martinez - Mojo & Fuzz: Tall Tails
Wins a Selection of graphic novels from Pulp Fiction, plus a selection of Australian comics from radioTAK, Ozcomics Magazine, Oztaku and Siberian Productions.

Favourite Overall General Comic
Wredrat and Amei - 'Treasure Map'
Wins a selection of comics from Phosphorescent Comics

Favourite Manga Comic
Micheal Li - 'Starcatcher'
- Wins the prize pack from Manga Arts including pens, brushes, ink, nibs, manga paper and screentones, plus the entry will be featured on their website.

Congratulations to all

Thanks to our sponsors, for their awesome support of the challenge and Australian comics in general:
Pulp Fiction Comics
Ben Templesmith
Manga Arts
Phosphorescent comics
Queenie Chan
Sureshot presents
Siberian Productions

For more details see the Pulp Faction thread

Monday, June 26, 2006

TokyoPop wants you

Jason Badower, is looking for a preferably Melbourne-based comic artist to pay money for art. What art? Art for a TokyoPop Graphic Novel which he's working on.

What he's looking for

Friday, June 23, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic - part 4

And rounding out this week of high culture and intelligent humour the last 6 pages of "Its been awhile" which closed out my 24 hour comic.
That's right i did 31 pages in 24 hours and that included 6 hours sleep.
Be in awe of me hu-mans, i put the sex into sequentialist!

Never mind the shitty drawing, everyone knows comics is about the writing!

I have had an offer by an artist to draw the "Its been awhile" panels all artistically sound and wotnot which is pretty cool.

I think the latter ones are better than the ones i posted a couple of days ago. Otherwise I'm going to try and do about 3 a week.

Anyway It's Been awhile part 2.

Note that in Asian vs African the first panel should have been goateeguy talking not fubuhat.

And "vs" suggestions are always welcome

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic - part 3

Last year I did a bunch of parodies of Australian Comics, called Kipper Comics. About 3 people found them funny which is good enough for me so i did some more. Well I planned to, I was going to do a yaoi based comics involving twin brothers. That didn't work out.
So I only did a parody of Witch King. Released earlier this year, its a graphic novel, a beautifully illustrated and coloured story (Pencilled by Paul Abstruse, inked by PJ Magalhaes and Darren Close, and coloured by Laing Rahner and Annette Kwok) released by Phosphorescent Comics its a good read written by Christian Read. Fantasy is not my thing (magic shits me) and i, for the most part enjoyed it.

There were some questions if I was mocking the creators behind it. No, absolutely not. Whilst I made fun of the personalities of the people in the Top Cow story, I didn't do so here. I did a plain parody of the story. The Witch King is basically the story of the ugly duckling who after being tormented by others runs away only to become a beautiful swan who returns to face the other forest animals. In the Witch King's case, its a bookish prince who runs away to becomea powerful wizard and then comes back to take over his father's kingdom.

I turned it into a story of a nerd who goes backpacking and returns home to torment his older brother.

My thanks to Em who took the photos, though she said that she would only take photos if she didn't have to get off the couch and if it was inbetween commercial breaks. Thanks Babe, your commitment to art is uplifting.

So if you are a nerd who

  • was bullied
  • likes role playing
  • likes science fiction
  • likes reading
  • was sent backpacking by parents
  • got an allowance while overseas
  • stayed with family while overseas
  • had sex with a "Canadian" who we wouldn't know
  • has a live journal
  • whines about people on their LJ
  • has a MySpace page
  • writes poetry
  • listens to Deathcab for Cutie
  • likes Battlestar Galatica
  • dropped acid
  • lives at his parent's house
  • and likes Dr Who
then it is about you.
Me? I match up with 7 of them.

In terms of the suit, I wear suits 9 hours a day 5 days a week and I look great in them. i thought you needed to see this. Also i was dressed in the suit for the yaoi thing and needed to be easily indentifiable opposite the brother. I only had a 15 minute window of Em's attention so i had to be snappy.

anyway the Witch Kipper

After I posted this comic during the Challenge i had a dialogue with a creator about the parody comics which lead to me posting

I've been having a discussion with a local comic creator who has raised a really valid point. The 24 hour Challenge is usually a lot of people's first attempt at putting together a comic and its their first exposure to the larger local comic scene.

That can be quiet scary.

Subsequently, the 24hr challenge forum needs to be a supportive and welcoming place.

In that light I don't think the Kipper comics (my parodies) are really suitable for the Challenge for 2 reasons; the injokiness of them gives this boy's club feeling which can be quite intimidating but more importantly there is a thin line between parody and mockery.

When I did the Top Cow story and Witch King parodies there was no intentional vindictiveness behind them. it was meant to be light hearted poking at issues in the local scene and some of their stories. It wasn't meant to be personal mockery - the Top Cow gets personal but i don't think i was mean.
But it does set up a precedent in the future. I'd hate if next year someone started doing vindictive and hurtful comics directed at Australian Comic Creators, it would pretty much be a step backwards to all the work me and others have put into the Challenge.

In the light of this I won't be doing any more Kipper Comics in the 24 hr forum. Whilst its only a small issue, i'm deadly afraid of slippery slopes. I do plan to do some more later on but in more appropriate places.

more peepee and hoohoo jokes tommorrow

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic - part 2

At Brisbane's Supanova i was talking to Andy Finlayson about the 24 hour challenge and i mentioned i was considering rescripting some old Australian comics. He suggested i could use a comic he drew 12 years ago for the Millenium Anthology on the proviso i also use another story in that book by Michael Evans.

Well I didn't do that.

I was careful not to read or even flick thru the comic before the day and it took me a while to figure out a hook. The actual story is about a team of superheroes owned by a company who kill some terrorists. I made it into a story the essentially non-existent schism between minicomic/zine/self publishers and those who want to work for overseas companies as Work For Hire creators. Again, its not really an issue that is talked about or is really an issue. Especially these days, as i understand it, though it was a topic of discussion in the early 90s.

Anyway, a quick guide to the story
Andy Finlayson - is a Brisbane animator who has gotten his first gig with Top Cow doing a 4 issue mini series called Sulphur. He's also an awesome guy who seems to stalk the Australian comic scene more than me and has a massive collection of photos involving him and cosplaying teen girls.
Jason Badower - is a melbourne based fitness instructor (ergo making him a girl) and Australia's only comic artist/ninja (ergo making him a really hot ass kicking girl). He did some work in Anthology about twelve years back and did some other self publishing efforts. He's now an art director and illustrator for Top Cow.
Paul Abstruse - a sydney-sider who did the fantastic art in Witch King as well as being one of australia's sexiest comic book artist (he lost the title to jase by way of arm wrestling match). Whilst he isn't doing any work for an overseas publishers - he should. He self published something called Sloth or Creep or Slime (i think) He was included in this because i couldn't think of anyone else at the time. I should have used David Yardin.
Darren Close - he started Ozcomics a hub of australian ctreators between 1999 and 2003 and is doing the inking for Sulphur. He also created Killeroo. He also inked some of Witch King. Much maligned for having flame wars with various people he's kept quiet of late. Except for popping up on my msn with bizzare requests such as "All i want is hasslehoff to record a song with Mc Hammer" which i received on the friday before the challenge. I think he owns an xbox.
Gerald Ashworth - a zine creator who wrote a scathing review admonsihing David De Vries and Glen Lumsden's Southern Squadron for being to American (that's what i've heard, never read it myself)
Bruce Mutard - has been self publishing for ages with Street Smell but he also released The Bunker through Image comics. He's doing a new graphic novel based on Sydney during WW2.
Matt Huynh - is a awesome and creative self publisher who wears bad suits to conventions (like purple double breasted suits)
Christian Read - is a writer who has worked for Dark Horse but is mainly known for his Phosphorescent Work including Witch King and the Watch. He also wears suits to conventions.
Supanova - is a Pop Culture convention where self publishers try and sell their work (in Artist Alley), people dress up in costume (Cosplayers) and artists show their stuff at Portfolio Reviews.
Top Cow - is a publisher based in California known for its media deals and comics about big breasted women stabbing people.
Rob Liefeld - is a very successful artist who can't draw feet or perspective or facial expressions or very much at all. He's also sold millions of comics with these skills.
And lastly Roger is some sort of talent scout/editor with Top Cow. I met him once at Sydney Supanova and the only thing i remember is he arm wrestled a girl.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic

Its in the Mature section of Pulp Faction and therefore not accessible for non-Pulp Faction members.
But I want the achknowledgement and praise from my friends or more likely provide for an opportunity for a weird silence and lack of eye contact after the phrase "I saw your 24hour comic"

I had the idea of "Its been awhile" ages ago, inspired by sitting at the uni bar talking shit and looking at girls. I told Em my idea on the day giving the example "girl with no arms vs girl with no legs". She noted her disapproval with "you do know there are girls with no arms out there?" "Yeah don't worry I'll do it with sensitivity!".
Well I'm still working on "girl with no arms vs girl with no legs".

I think I crossed the line with a couple of them. In my defense both sides are fairly represented and there are no winners (except for red heads - they always win). The aim was to make the guys look stupid because guys are.

I'll link to the images instead of embedding them because they might not be worksafe.

Pages 1-8

The (ahem) "art" for these pages was about 12 panels that i just swapped and changed. I'm hoping i can convince someone to draw nicer pics that i can use for more strips.

Monday, June 19, 2006

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge - Voting

You can now vote (if you are a Pulp Faction member) in the OzComic 24 Hour Challenge.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sureshot Presents - Now Available

Sureshot Presents is a series of one shot complete stories highlighting the quality and diversity of the Australian Comics Scene.

The first issue was released at Brisbane Supanova and features L. Frank Weber's Crab Allan: Gothic Boogaloo.

Crab Allan, freelance photographer and accidental adventurer and his chain smoking monkey Jojo just have to wait by the car for 3 minutes. Maybe four minutes.
Five minutes - tops.
Somehow this leads to sewer spelunking, satanists and slugfights.
And a really cute kitty.

Its now available around the country through

PhaseTwo Comics
Where you can also get the Crab Allan graphic novel as well.

In Sydney you can grab copies at Kings Comics (Pitt St)

Melbourne just recieved copies at Minotaur Comics (Elizabeth St)

Dee's Comics in Canberra has a couple of copies left as does Brisbane's Ace Comics and Games.

And for people in Adelaide check out Pulp Fiction Comics (King William St)

If they don't have it - ask for it or let me know and I'll follow it up.

So check it - the second issue is being worked on at the moment and will feature a Melbourne creator and should be ready by Doujicon.

Those shops also should have copies of the Ozcomics Magazine which covers a number of topics relevant in the current Australian comic scene.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

24 hours in Oz Comics Challenge - the listing

So far we have 74 entries but I'm expecting some postal entries (I'm scanning a couple at the moment)

General Entries

Mature Entries (you need to be a Pulp Faction member to view the Mature Entries)

I've barely read a quarter of the entries but I haven't read a real clanger yet.

So colour me impressed.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

24 hours in Oz Comics Challenge - round up

Ok, I'm nt sure when the name changed on me but all the same


Actually I shouldn't be that exerberant; whilst i did do 30 pages; 10 of those were just rescripting an old comic by Andy Finlayson. And i did get about 5 hours sleep.

At this point (sunday morning) 117 people have registered and about 63 people have started. That's pretty awesome!

Thanks to all those involved (Maggie, Graeme, Jacen and Troy) and thanks to the sponsors - you made it great.

Well I'm off to lay some skirting board (no thats not a euphemism)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

24hrs on OZ Comics Challenge BEGINS

And the Challenge officially BEGINS!!

With 105 people registered its pretty exciting - the easiest way of keeping up is checking the new post listing but you have to be a member to do that, I think

(those who started beforehand its all good, we ain't building bridges)

Don't forget the Saturday Random Insert items

Go baby Go

My entry will be in the Mature section but i'll post up images here too

Thursday, June 08, 2006

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge - 2 days to go

90 people have registered for the OzComic 24 Hour Challenge so far which is fantastic; we have a lot of new people and some old favourites

So if you have questions
or want to know what's up for grabs
or want to know about the Special Insert items

Otherwise I'll do a victory dance if it hits 100 registerations, so spread the word if you haven't.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kings Comics Presents Sureshot Presents

If you are in Sydney and want to buy Sureshot Presents head to Kings Comics on Pitt St for your copy.

And i've recieved pages for the Winter issue and it looks very nice.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

overheard at my place

"Wouldn't it be freaky if oh six, oh six, oh six happened on friday the 13th?"
"Yes, that would be very freaky indeed"

Monday, June 05, 2006

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge - Prizes

This year we have taken some initiatives to help bring the challenge up a notch, but still retain the fun aspects of the event. With that in mind, we have two main category groups.

Group 1 - Judges Categories
Winners of these categories will be preferentially voted on by a panel of four select judges from the Australian Comics industry. As outlined on the rules page, the categories are split between 'Mature' and 'General'. These comics must follow the rules for the random insert items to be eligible to win. Prizes as follows:

1. Best 24 Page Mature Comic - Original Artwork by Ben Templesmith
2. Best 16 Page Mature Comic - A selection of 6 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction Comics.
3. Best 8 Page Mature Comic - $100 from Oztaku

4. Best 24 Page General Comic - A fully paid table in Artist Alley for the next Supanova
5. Best 16 page General Comic - 'Sureshot Presents' prize package, being inclusion in the Sureshot Presents magazine plus 20 copies of that issue, AND a selection of 6 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction comics.
6. Best 8 Page General Comic - Original Artwork by Queenie Chan

Group 2 - Popular Choice
As per previous years, the winners decided by public vote. Voters must be registered forum members. You must complete at least 8 pages, and finish in the 24 hours, to be eligible for prizes. We have split this in to three categories - with a special category this year for Manga fans. To be eligible for the Manga prize please nominate in your entry title 'Manga', and it must be suitable for the 'General' category as per the rules page. Prizes as follows:

1. Favourite Overall Mature Comic - Selection of 4 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction, plus a selection of Australian comics from radioTAK and friends.
2. Favourite Overall General Comic - Selection of comics from Phosphorescent Comics
3. Favourite Manga Comic - Prize packs from Manga Arts including pens, brushes, ink, nibs, manga paper and screentones, plus the winner will be featured on their website.

Now it's not all about prizes so if just want to join the fun without restrictions feel free. There wil no doubt be plenty of 'honourable mentions' and us organisers will be getting into the fun too even though we can't win prizes. We can guarantee there will be a LOT of visitors to the site during and after the competition so it's a great opportunity to show what you can do in a short space of time.

A big thanks to all our sponsors:
Pulp Fiction Comics
Ben Templesmith
Manga Arts
Phosphorescent comics
Queenie Chan
Sureshot presents

Good luck to all and most of all have fun!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Because You Can't You Won't And You Don't Stop

Crab Allan and Sureshot Presents are now available from Phasetwo Comics.

If you are in Adelaide you can pick them up from Pulp Fiction Comics and Sydney-siders should be able to get them from Kings soon.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Disconnected - page 1

Yesterday, at the Panels and Gutters comic drink up, Datsun Tran gave me a rough for page one of our submission for the 2nd Something Wicked anthology.

Dastun - Harvey, Harvey - Datsun

Adelaide boy, Datsun Tran, has been nominated for Best Cover Artist in the Harvey Awards for his work on Elk's Run.

(and i'm hoping he finishes my Something Wicked strip before he's whisked away by IDW)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ozcomic 24 Hour Challenge - round up

After 2 weeks of registerations we have 54 people who have signed up.

If you haven't you should register too.