Monday, January 15, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Best Foreign Comic Series or Graphic Novel of the Year

Now, in terms of nominating i was considering detailing those books from international Publishers that featured Australian creators.
Those books would be (in no particular order, well possibly alphabetical)

Amazing Joy Buzzards #5 - Doug Holgate on art (admittedly i haven't read it but the preview looked great and it is Doug)
Birds of Prey #100 and 101 - Nicola Scott on art
Dectective comics #815 and #816 - written by Shane McCarthy
Fate of an Artist - Eddie Campbell on everything
Fell - with Ben Templesmith on art
Storm - David Yardin on art

and if it wasn't ruined by the art White and Campbell on Legends of the Dark Knight #200 would get a nod too. Was there any other books by Aussie creators from the 'big boys'?

but what foreign books did i like, which lacked australian creators?

Monster - tight gripping mystery adventure
Spirit and Batman - Funny and retro with great art
Scott Pilgrim #3 - just awesome
All Star Superman - Makes me actually like Superman
We can be small - funny Jeffery Brown angst and cuteness

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