Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's been happening?

You know stuff.

  • In april was the Third instantaneous gallery/Auction thing. Attendance was about half Instananeous II and it showed at the prices art was achieving. The most expensive piece sold for $300 which was about half what the most expensive piece sold in December.
  • My own peice sold for $95, which as non-artist, makes me happy.

  • Comikaze happened Queen's birthday weekend. i purposefully kept my fat head out of the way. Last year someone thanked me as an organiser and i didn't correct them. I felt like a massive asshole for claiming glory so this year i played it cool. Though the turn out was not as big as previous years, I think the quality was really strong.
  • I read some incredibly good Austrlian comics. Some good Australian Comics, some decent Australian Comics and some truly horrible shitty Austrlian Comics. I feel rantings will ensue.

  • During the same time, i accidently scratched my cornea which didn't heal. i kept putting off going to the doctor because surely my mutant healing abilities would kick in and fix the problem. Well two weeks of having a weeping eye that starting causing short stabbing pains when i blinked eventually made me go to the doctors.It seems it wouldn't heal because ever time i blinked the cut reopened. I then developed a secondary infection which meant stronger antibiotic drops and about 5 doctor visits. I had to wear a patch - and not a cool one either. It was 4 weeks of not being able to look at anything and focus properly. Not fun, Clarence.

  • It seems like my anxieties and inability to relax properly have caught up with me and I've developed hypertension; which I think is a cool way of saying High Blood Pressure. I'm hyper tense!.

  • I never really played video games obsessively but i got strangely addicted to Mario Kart.
  • I have never liked Science fiction, it always seemed lame. But have started watching Battlestar Galactica and its pretty good (there was a couple of second season episodes that were lame and a really crap boxing episode is season three). Its like the West Wing but with explosions!

  • I'm building outdoor furniture out of metal, stone and wood. Six weekends in and i regret starting.

Ahem.... tap tap tap

Its been about four months since I've blogged. Its been a mixed bag of being to busy to blog and not having anything to blog about. Though I'm going to try really hard to post something regularly.

I'll start slow....

Like i went to see the breeders play last night and beside the douche who decided to relive 1995 and start slam dance it was really solid gig. I also couldn't stop thinking the the Deal Sisters would be the perfect (ie hottest and coolest) tuckshop ladies at Rock 'n Roll Highschool.

A High School where Iggy Pop is the gym teacher, Thurston Moore teaches Calculus and David Bowie is Vice Principal.