Monday, May 28, 2007

Ledger Nominations are Open

You can nominate your favourite Australian comic or creator from 2006 for the Ledger Awards.

Here are my thoughts on last years output, which might jog your memory.

Nominations are closed June 30.

Ledger of Honor

Foreign Creator of the Year

Best Foreign Comic Series or Graphic Novel of the Year

Talent Deserving Wider Recognition

Artist of the Year

Writer of the Year

Independent Press Title of the Year

Small Press Title of the Year

Story or Single Issue of the Year

Webcomic or Comic Strip of the Year

Production Design of the Year

Retailer of the Year

Achievement of the Year

There's a slight disappointment that the "talent deserving wider recognition" and "Small press" are no longer relevant; meaning that the vibrant underground ziney books will get looked over for the more swish "American floppy comic" version but both categories always caused problems on who could be nominated.

So go nominate, even if you don't believe in awards, its the recognition that counts.


The Frase said...

Did they ever announce who won last years?

Mark Selan said...

Last years winners (for book released in 2005) are listed at