Saturday, June 02, 2007

My piece for Instantaneous

At the monthly Panels and Gutters drinks, we were told through last month's Instantaneous Exhibition we raised $1800 for the St Vinnie's Soup Kitchen. Nice.

Also come December, there will be another exhibition in the same vien where artists will be asked to supply a panel of art. This time, though, the peices will be auctioned off.

This is my peice, which I'm hoping is hanging in someone's house right now

"Painting" by me, lettering by Emma.

PS. Practice informs me because of my blogger layouty thingy my 'art' is being obscured. Here's alink to the jpg.


practicecactus said...

I didn't understand it, and realised if I right clicked 'view image' I could see the rest of it.
Your blogger layout is obscuring your art man!!

Mark Selan said...

Stupid blogger layout

stikman said...

That's an incredible achievement, well done! I love you, Pulp Fiction Comics!