Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ledger Awards 2006 - Story or Single Issue of the Year

For this category i only usually nominate stories that have appeared in Anthologies, since Small Press and Independent Press can deal with the whole issue stories.

Even though there was a large number of books released in 2006, there weren't as many anthologies so it was kind of hard finding stories which had a sense of gravity and craftmanship.

This year's Generation book was probably the strongest so far with a (as always) wonderful story by Michael Li. Queenie Chan and Polshua (who's actual name i can't remember) also have really nice peices in that book. (Low Flying Spacecraft, The Two Dollar deal and Angelic Deal, respectively)

I might be biased but Mandy Ord's Comic Teacher and Poor Little Thing in Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyeball were very good, the latter is a bit lighter but still has a bit of pathos to capture the reader.
Probably a polar opposite to Mandy's work Doug Holgates Checkmate Wordsworth in Sureshot Presents All Adventure Annual was a fun ride while being well told.

Even though Neighbours by Dean Rankine was another retelling of the Good Samaritan story it was still good.

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