Monday, September 03, 2007

The Great Great Gatsby

I picked up my copy of Nicki Greenberg's adaption of The Great Gatsby today. It is truly a beautiful looking book. Even Em was slightly intrigued by the book - except for the 'funny looking characters' >sigh<.

I felt slightly disappointed that at my local Borders's it wasn't displayed in the new releases section, nor was it in the Fiction section under "G" but in the Graphic Novel section racked between Tomb Raider and Showcase Presents. And it was the only copy.

The cashier was incredibly excited by the book while she rang it up, especially at the inside goss i knew; it took 5 years to draw, Nicki is from Melbourne and the Fitzgerald family heartily approved the book when they saw it. I'm so smooth.

Also spotted in Dymocks (where I asked about The Great Gatsby last week, to be told they are getting 5 sometime in September) Kevin Patrick and Doug Holgates' Prehistoric Australia.

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