Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comikaze 2007 - Day 2

First I'll Apologise for fucking with your LJ Friendslist, i'll link to my pages now.

On day two of Sticky Strippers i started a new strip based on a pub conversation I had with Owen. At the Grace Emily there's a library of books and we perused through "Education for Retarded Children" published sometime in the 70s. There was a picture of one child wearing plaid next to a plaid recliner, in the next photo he had disappeared and Retarded Ninja was born. We came up with a sitcom heme song because that's the most important bit.

Em of course asked "Why does he have to be retarded?" her question dripped with PC, my reply was "but he's a ninja, that like negative retard, it balances it out." She eye rolled and left.

The idea was to use sitcom cliches as a starting point.

So follow the link to "Dah Dah Dah Retarded Ninja"


G said...

Good one Mark!

Remind me next time we catch up, you *sing* me this Retarded Ninja sitcom theme song!

Or better yet, sing it in the next podcast!! ;)

Mark Selan said...

essentially its a fast guitar riff, "dah dah dah retarded ninja dah dah daaah"
i'm sure if you try you'll get it right and then end with a "retarded ninnnnn-ja" finishing in a falcetto.