Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Instantaneous II - Quick recap

I'll probably do a better, more accurate recap later on when i get the details but

  • 45 pieces were auctioned
  • about 300 people turned up (but i'm bad at guessing these things it could have been 150)
  • All the pieces sold
  • I liked the free red wine, as did Evil Dan. Emma didn't like the free red wine, as did Dan's mum.
  • the highest was $500 for a piece by Team Radelaier Clare Oakes
  • the lowest was $65 (i think)
  • Everyone liked the Rose
  • My piece sold for $170
  • The average price was about $130
  • So over $5000 was raised
  • that' will provide about 1000 meals at the Adelaide Soup Kitchen
  • I forgot to take photos, but everyone would have looked awesome
  • I bought a piece of Owen Heitmann's art
  • no my mum didn't buy my piece
  • You can still see the exhibition until December 23rd, upstairs at the Grace Emily
  • I'll try and get scans of the top sellers

1 comment:

LFW said...

Only 1000 soup meals for the soup kitchen? why do we aplly these band-aid solutions to the gush wound problems like homelessness? instead of actually treating the source? lol what a tangent.

great to hear that all the pieces sold and that your mum bought your piece (she is kind to do that so you wouldn't feel bad). $5000 is no small feat. Kudos


your pal