Monday, January 08, 2007

Ledger Awards - Small Press Title of the Year

Very tough category - my definition of small press is slightly different to the one stated at the Ledger Site; to me Small press is more like a classic zine; lo-fi production, b/w cover, less than 28 pages. It's not designed to be commercial.

Probably my favourite were the Mojo and Fuzz books by Steve Martinez (especially #1). Fun reads with a very good level of craftmanship (they are made up of 24 hour comics so there's that consideration).

Mr Smilie Face by David Thor Gunnarson is really deceptive, at first i thought it would be a one joke story, that meandered until the creator got bored and then disappeared. Whilst it certainly is tongue and cheek its nicely structured and feels like Deathwish staring Pacman but a mean drunk pacman out for revenge.

Pretty Zombie #1 was just fucking hilarious. Sex and Violence and I'm there. One page joke strips that are either incredibly cute (i like cute) or awfully gross. Well done EvilDan and Jing. (Pretty Zombie #2 is not as good , more cute with a longer storyline that wasn't as filled with the HAHA).

Whilst it has a colour cover (and not really lofi/small press) Girlie Pains Comics by Mel Stringer is so sweet and revealing that its a joy to read. Some of the strips don't make much sense but whilst they don't provide a meaningful narrative there is a nice mood which engages and satisfies.

I'm probably biased but the last 2 issues of Fist Full of Comics has been really good (the last one did feature me but it was stil good).

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