Thursday, October 11, 2007

Killeroo commits Homicide in the City

I don't know why but i "found" screen captures of Killeroo #2 appearance in last monday's (8/10/07) episode of City Homicide (all of 1.5 seconds worth).

Whilst I swear I didn't watch the episode, from what i scanned the presence of the comic makes no sense - its owned by a 50 year old cripple/serial killer. Actually maybe it does make sense.

Didn't Killeroo also appear in Water Rats or Stingers? Or was that The Watch?


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the City Homicide grabs? I love that show.

Anonymous said...

thankyou Mark, been dying to see these!


Anonymous said...

...and yeah, he was on an episode of Stingers a few years back, some suspect was a comic collector - is the mainstream media trying to tell us something?

LFW said...

yes, that only criminals and miscreants read that particular book :P


your pal


Anonymous said...

Is this enough to get the big Roo into Wikipedia?