Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nominate, don't not nominate

That's it.

19 categories, 5 suggestions in each, a bunch load of "close calls", man thats a load.

The Ledger's Awards nominations end on the 7th of January.

Then a final list of nominees wil be presented and we'll be able to vote again, picking a winnah!

OK some last bits and pieces;
Sean E, who i suggested as a colourist worth the look has a website where you can find samples of his work.

I feel pretty bad, but I failed to mention Gary Lau's Knightedge, except in the Best Cover category. Gary released Knightedge #3 this year and its an ok book. I really liked issues 1 and 2, the art was solid and the writing really well paced. The third issues suffers probably because Gary had too much time to stew on it, in the 1 and a bit years inbetween 2 and 3, its obvious gary has thought about the story too much and tried to jam in too much into the rhird issue. The art though is getting better, only handicapped by, i think, the inking. Gary's pencil work is brillant, absolutely, as can be seen in his last 24 hour challenge entry and samples of his uni work, but his inking is too harsh. But if you liked his book, consider Knightedge 3 for "Best Independent Release" and Gary, himself for "Best Artist".

Also, just a note - Gary if there are any nominations for 'me' it doesn't matter from who or what category, they obviously mean 'Mark Selan'. Same with blank entries.

The last category is a bit of a bugger since I'm relatively new to the whole Australian comics thing. Though I've been pretty good, thanks to my research for OzComics Magazine #5 (plluuuugg) I still don't have much of a clue of anything before 2001. So here's my stab.


Michael Leunig
As the most recgnisable cartoonist/comic artist in the country it would be quite easy way for the awards to get some media spotlight if Leunig won. Also, he's not a spandex artist and therefore would be a good way for comics to be shown as not all superheroes. It helps that he's very successful at what he's done and deserves it anyway.

Gary Chaloner
I doubt Gary is fishing for love but he should be considered, he's been around for aaaaaages and has a long list of accomplishments; was involved in Cyclone Quarterly - one of the earlier anthologies in the mid 80s; has worked for the larger publishers in the overseas market; jumped on the webcomics bandwagon before many people, and now he's gone and organised these awards and the calendars and though I disagree with a couple of things (regarding the awards) I salute him for sticking his head out there. Plus he's there to give a hand for any artist needing advice and help which should be applauded.

Sam Young
Some people will bristle but a bit of controversy is always good. My first dipping into the Australian comics pool had Sam Young and Issue one floating in the middle. Gave a lot of artists a go and got comics out there.

Peter Ledger
It would be pretty shitty, but pretty funny, if the namesake of the awards won it 2 or 3 years down the road. He was a pioneer in the field and should be officially recognised at some point.

George Vlastaras
Going through my box of Australian Comics, it astounded me the number of ads for Kings Comics appeared. If every retailer was like George, we'd all be winners.

and that's it.
Go nominate who you liked.

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Anonymous said...

i would also add aaron burgess. to my mind, he is the unsung hero of australian comics and the guru of the zine/small press world.

- mike d.