Monday, January 24, 2005

Dvds I watched recently

Sweet Jesus I didn't blog yesterday, and I survived, i hope you did?



Emma, the popular social butterfly she is, is a bridesmaid for a friend and this last weekend spent it hooping it up around the city. I think this involved giggling, drinking white wine and flirting with silly boys. So I was home alone, and because of a lack of sleep the previous week decided to have a quiet one. So it was down the to the local beer garden to read the paper and then rent some movies, something I haven't done for a year.

Once upon a time in mexico
I was surprised at how good this was. When i had dreams of becoming a film maker Rodriguez was a bit of an idol, i've enjoyed all his films. Now the whole film thing is in the past. I had heard of frantic shotting schedules, hidef video, and the whole robert does everything and thought it would just be another student film. But it looked great and the plotline hung together really nicely. Johnny Depp was great. "Are you a mexican or mexicant?" is genius.

Dawn of the dead
Horror films make me anxious, so much so this film made my jaw hurt. My problem is the suspense rather than the gore. In that vein this film was rather tame.
Omar Epps is a great actor who will probably be sidekick black guy forever. Anyway, it was good. Except for Sarah Polly's teeth.

God he looked like christopher lambert. Its pretty understandable why this didn't fire up the box office, it was a film for teen gun/action freaks with no girlfriends. The Russian looked like steriod version of the 'le male' cologne model. All in all it was OK, i wish Roy Snieder got more grizzled old men out for vengence roles, he'd be good in them. The plot, punisher mobile and the neighbours were dumb. The brutality of the ending was very cool, John Travolta should be dragged by remote control cars in every film.

Oh John Woo,
what has happened to you?
A really interesting story; a reverse engineer has to reverse engineer his life to destroy something to save the future. Except Ben Affleck can not act (though he was ok in Shakespeare in love - shutup) and there were no gun battles. Would have been better if it was Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. It was bearable. Just. but a waste of talent (woo) and non-talents (affleck).

I like this renting films business may do it again soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so ashamed I liked the Punisher :/

I watched the Village on the weekend and all I have to say is, " I want my two hours back."

- Nate

douglasbot said...

I believe it was Ving Rahmes in DotD, Not Omar Epps. Great movie.

And i really enjoyed the Village. One of my top 5 of the year. Whats the story Sohardi?

Anonymous said...

Shit it was Mheki Phifer, who looks like Omar Epps but not Ving Rhames.