Wednesday, January 19, 2005

TV that was good and then turned to crap

West Wing
This was so good when it first started, Alan Sorkin gave the left an intelligent and Loud voice (ie not drwoned out by the right). But since he left its all melodrama and rightwing, John Wells the new producer seems to making West Wing into a soap opera, something he's doing with 3rd Watch as well and ER. I expect an episode where Martin Sheen (who needs new dentures) karate chops an assassin and flies to the Middle East to kick ass. I can barely watch a whole episode anymore.

The Guardian
Emma watches it for the pretty fella, I watch it for the pretty suits. Guardian started out ok, a good strong story of a man, bereft of feelings, thrown into a world of emotions and humanity. It slowly evolved into a tale of redemption. Then it went to crap. Some series need a logical conclusion, instead of the case of just as the main character sees the light dumping more crap on him. It gets tiring.

Third Watch
I just wanted a police procedural, that had interesting characters (unlike csi) and that didn't have 'ripped from the headlines' plots (unlike Law and Order) and 3rd watch provided that for a couple of seasons. Then John Wells had its way and we had russian mobsters, lost brothers, police corruption and judges being blown up. Snore. Hack. Hack. Cheap thrills instead of drama.

Malcom in the Middle
I didn't wach it religiously but it used to be funny and clever. Now its just ugly children doing the same old thing. The characters they have done little to, those the producers haven't made parodies of themselves, the older brother Francis and Dewey are the only ones that get a laugh out of me anymore. Catchy theme song though!

Simpsons/Alias/Australian Idol
All started out good, but now are a bit meh, not bad, just meh. I don't bother with new Simpsons episodes because I never know when they are on and i don't bother with old simpsons episodes because i've seen them before ad nauseum. Alias started out good and got convuluted, it still has the odd good episode but its essentially the X-Files of the new millenium. And once Chanel left Idol, i stopped caring (but never loving chanel - call me).


LFW said...


Your gal KNOW you feel this way about that ugly song-bird?

And I LIKE it when Charlie sheen kicks ass.

He's the most damn hard man I've seen on the screen.

Mark Selan said...

Navy Seals rules!
Charlie could have kick Judd Nelson's ass instead of backing down in Breakfast club!

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I meant to say his dad, Martin, i always get those two mixed up.

"I loved you in wall street!"