Thursday, January 06, 2005

Its a sad day for Comics

When i was young and dumb and had dreams of greatness, every August 28th I'd scan the trivia section of the paper ("On this day...") who else was born on my birthday and every year I'd splutter in scorn "Jason Preistly!" or "Shania Twain!" or "Le Ann Rimes!" and my dear mother would pat me on me head "You can be the first great person born on the 28th Marko". And i'd settle down and continue with drinking my juice.

Well it made me quiet happy when i discovered I shared the same birthday as Jack Kirby. I'd have such a great ice breaker if we ever met. And if there's any truth in the whole horoscope dealy - man I'll be a great comic book dude too.

And then he went and died, sadly.

Well, Will Eisner died as well. Truthfully, I have never bought nor read any of his work. It was never a priority. So I can't say 'damn' about that, but he must of meant something to somebody, he sure inspired a lot of people, people i know and like, people who inspire me so he must have been pretty good.
It's sad that he's gone.

Probably sadder though is that the next day after the announcement of his death, the big story is Frank Miller and Jim Lee working on All Stars Batman. Two of the greater creative types in the industry are now working on rehashing a 60 year old concept. (coupled with the fact that on Newsarama reaction to Eisner's death is 2 pages long and reaction to Miller and Lee on Batman 4 pages). Not really what i would think was Will's last testament. Not to say that I won't buy it, but still, you know.

And what's worse is, today at the local comic shoppery i bought nothing. nothing. there was not one new comic that i deemed worthy of my purchasement. I usually buy a trade in these circumstances but thanks to various sales here and abroad, i bought 30 something trades in december and subsequently have had my fill. Anyway, i still haven't read some floppy comics from last week; Shaolin Cowboy (looks pretty but dumb), Legion and Nicola Scott's Star Wars comics (Pulp Fiction offers a free comic when you buy a trade). I also picked up Dunwich by Christian Read and Doug Holgate, which i'm planning to read soon.

So; Eisner died, miller and lee are propping up batman and there are no new comics for Marko. A sad week indeed.

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There there, Mr. polo.

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