Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As unaccustomed as I am to public speaking

Having not won anything like a LEdger award, or anything unlike a ledger award I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say anything, speechwise.

But my 'success' is not based on talent but on the hard work and talents of others so I HAVE to thank people.
Firstly to Darren who, by way of Ozcomics, introduced me to Australian comics and the inherent coolness and greatness they contain. The work inspired me and made me want to get involved. Thanks Darren for letting me organise the 24 hour challenges and running the magazine.

I don't think I've thanked Matt Bayliss and his Monkey enough, their website for last years challenge made everything so much simpler and i think was a big part of the success. Jase Harper's poster and Matt Huhyn's logo rocked it as well. To all the retailers and creators who donated prizes thanks as well. Jen Hook's help in the press releases was much appreciated.

Doug Holgate had me at hello. Every idea, theory, concept about comics gets passed through the Doug filter. We tear it to peices, each other and everyone else and fuck its fun. All my dumb ideas have no element of Doug. Plus, bloody hell, his work is a bit of alright, especially his inking and colouring.

The work of L Frank Weber, Mandy Ord, Matt Huyhn, Tonia Walden and Dillon Naylor are also an inspirations and makes me want to shout from the rooftops and drag people to see their greatness.

Every one who has worked on or bought (customers and retailers - especially George from Kings) a copy of the Ozcomics magazine, you are bloody legends. Specifically Aaron Burgess, Liz Argall and Ian T, it would be 28 pages of me waffling on like a wally without you.

Finally congratulations to all the other winners and thanks to Gary for organising this whole thing and giving me something to blog about.


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