Monday, January 10, 2005

Monkey Love

In an attempt to attract a more diverse readership to my blog here, I've subjected myself to the lowest possible denominator: posting stories about goddamn monkeys.

"SHENYANG, China: A Chinese safari park decided to celebrate the New Year and the start of the Year of the Monkey by dying its primates bright red and yellow. But painting the monkeys was no easy matter job as they refused to cooperate. "We had to anaesthetise them first", a park spokesman said. "They seemed to be surprised at their new strange coats when they woke up. But after a while, they indulged themselves in pleasure.",4057,11819582%255E13762,00.html

Get drunk, pass out, get painted, wake up, get some love and its all good.

That was Monkey Love, now some Love.
Got a mention on Comics Lifestyle which is kind of cool, the Silent Army crew are a mysterious bunch; I like what I've seen and wish I could track down more of there stuff.

Back to Monkey Love.
A new round of polling at Kzone. From memory Dillon Naylor's Batrisha won the last round (or got top 3)with about 20%. Alex Major's "Phunkie Monkey" was the 3 or 4th lowest (which is good seeing as its only been around for one month). Go vote for the local stuff - daily.

Back to love
Speaking of Dillon Naylor's Batrisha, I swear i thought those books came out in 2004, i should have checked the actual books themselves (which have been lost in THE MOVE 3 months ago) but i went by Dillon's Blog, so i'm still not sure what year it was published. If it happens that it was published in 2003 i'm sorry to everyone who followed my suggestion and wasted a vote.

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