Monday, January 17, 2005

Pig Iron Chef

Last week Emma went to the Channel 10 2005 presentation, apparently "medium" looks ok but what i was interested in was the australian version "queer eye for the straight guy". I like the american version since its funny and i have a weakness for superficial stuff. The verdict is 'a bit average' and I'm not surprised. Australian TV execs don't do remakes well - the only ones i can think of that are OK is Changing rooms, idol and big brother and I'm not counting when they moved "are you being served" to Australia.

But there are shows they should remake for the Australian Audience; "Iron Chef" and "Pimp my ride".

Iron Chef Ozstyle would be hosted by Daryl Somers, he could wear his old clothes from Hey Hey and forget about the diet. In a perfect world he would only speak Japanese. Kitchen Stadium would be an outdoor event, taking place in a faux backyard. The Iron Chefs would be talents from the 3 major cooking fields in Australia;
Asian - Cheong Liew, Italian - Stefano di Pieri (From the Murray on the Gondala series) and Seafood - Not sure maybe the bald bloke from one of the Rocks restaurant.

In the commentary box Ian Parmenter would be the cooking expert (who at the end of the show would taste a meal and faint), Livinia Nixon would be the role of the pretty girl who sat in the middle and someone completely harmless like the guy from "The Price is right" would be the main compere. The roving reporter would be Chloe Maxwell, for no particular reason other than i want her on telly more.

Being in a backyard I'd spice it up a bit; a chained barking dog would be next to the tofu and foie gra, there would be a clothes line that Daryl would hang onto and swing around for no apparent reason as well as a guy doing burnouts in the background. It would be great and cheap way of having celebrity guests to do little interviews, they only way Daryl can

"Anthony Mundine, next week you have a fight in america for the title how are you training? and how's the duck?"

"Mr Clooney, sorry to hear about your pig Max, how are the ribs?"

And a band. It would end with the losing chef being dunked into a kiddie above ground pool and the winning chef drinking from a yard glass.

It would be great tv.

Channel 7, call me, you need all the help you can get.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to see a really dodgy Aussie remake of an American reality program may I suggest, "The Search For Australia's Top Model."

The host (The lady from the Foxtel ad covering herself up with an inflatable donut)just does an impression of Tyra Banks (the American host)