Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Its Tshirt Weather!

Its hot in Adelaide, and its going to be warm for the day off tomorrow. Perfect for tshirts.

Not a fan of the full bleed geometric explosion style that was done to death in a chain retial store near you. Nor was i enamored with the "eat at joes fish fry" retro style shirt. Subsequently, I got turned off by the most recent tshirt design fashion.

So i've spent the last year or so in polo shirts of various colours and styles. Or the odd solid colour tshirt. Dull. Boring.
Previously i liked and bought stuff from Design is Kinky and the Avalanches Tshirt club (the former doesn't seem to do tshirts no longer and the former are way over priced and kind of ugly now)

But i discovered Preshrunk.

Current favourites

Created by comic book creator (Demo, Couriers) and graphic designer (GTA) Brian Wood does some simple 2/3 colour tshirts that evoke that retro feel without being so try hard ironic.

Not all irony is tryhard. I don't usually like joke tshirts but this has its charm. Though downloading mp3 is bad kids, its bandwidth that could be used for porn and software. Or time that could be used stealing art.

This part of a cool alphabet series, with "A is or anarchy" (with a picture of an ant) being another good one. The cool thing is that shipping seems cheaper than it used to be - even better with the stronger dollar.

Another humourous tshirt, there's something i like about this design but i can't put my finger on it. Its not especially humourous or designed well. I think i just like the colour brown. How dull and simple of me.

Otherwise my two most recent tshirt buys was from www.candlerecords.com.au
a) a candlerecords tshirt

(shit image)
b) a lucksmith tshirt
(no image)
Their Darren Hanlon designs are kind of cool.

But now i'm all interested in just making my own.

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