Sunday, January 16, 2005

house warming and photos

Yesterday we had the housewarming and sorry your invitation must have gotten lost.Em and me are very proud of the work we have done to the place, especially since we did most of it ourselves, so it was a buzz showing people around.
I was supposed to take photos, but i was drinking and foosballing instead but here are some photos I prepared earlier.

Apparently it was desk day last week, well here is me looking a bit nervous at my freshly cleaned desk. Cleaning my desk usually involves me sweeping everything into a shoebox.

The lounge and dining room just before Xmas. You can still find pine needles around the house.

A blurry photo of de la soul last december.

We spent NYE quietly with some friends but after climbing down from the roof we tramampolined.

And now I'm off to clean up 200 bottles strewn around the property.


Anonymous said...

Firstly: what's the comic art hanging on the wall?
Secondly: your house is a palace, I shall claim it as my own.
thirdly: what the hell are you two jumping in front of? (that big friggin square thing?)

and...uh, your wife's hot, I think.

Maybe. Actually, probably not.


Mark Selan said...

1) The comic art is
- a denys cowan batman page
- a warren pleece page from Deadenders
- a joe staton green lantern page
- a mike miller Silver Surfer/Thanos page
- a david tang Knee Pocket page
- an andy lee (i think) Iron Fist page
- a page from Green Arrow from the early 100s (when chuck dixon was writing it)
- a howard porter Ray page

2)Thanks. You're welcome to come over anytime.

3) Shit, i need a new monitor. Our friends didn't want the background of their place in the photo for weird and convoluted reasons. I tried to photoshop it out seaminglessly - and i failed.

and my wife/girlfriend IS hot, Frank. Well i think so.