Thursday, January 20, 2005

Reality TV - and I like it

Actually i really really like a small part of reality tv, just a couple of shows, but i'll be glued to them something fierce. I am not keen on the reality shows based on "love" and "dating" because the are clearly explotative. I got to admit i did watch that "hot girl has to chose a dork" a couple of times but my excuse is that it played with conventions and put dorks into a good light. Also i cringe and feel really anxious at people embarrassing themselves in the Australian Idol auditions. In a similar vein what i saw of Joe schmoe was amusing to a degree but kind of mean, same with My fiancee is a big fat slob. On the surface imaginative but in practice not.

I think the attraction is that, in relative terms, its as real as it gets, sure the situations are contrived (stuck in a house/island, trying to win a game) but the emotions and reactions are real (especially in the non-love/date shows). Like any other genre there is bad stuff; Joe Millionaire, Playing it straight and the Richard Branson Apprentice ripoff.

That said, then there's good shows and Amazing Race has to be the best show ever. A late comer to the show, i now love the locales, the drama, the fighting lovers and the midgets. Its tightly put together, the contestants are large characters - its seems the boring people always get knocked out early and its a good mix off soap opera and game. Can't wait for more, rumuor is that rob and Amber, the winners of Survivor: Allstars, will be contestants.

Speaking of Survivor probably the first and best of the new wave reality shows. I have always been a fan, but I thought that All Stars was the pinnacle, now the tactics are well worn and old hat, sure there is the odd twist and surprise (like the female team disintergrating at the end of Survivor: the one after the all stars series) but i think its trodden its path. my guess is that they'll invigorate the new series by having people randomly voted out (Spin a wheel - the wheel has spoken!) to keep people's alliances ever changing and for people to come back after being voted out.

Queer eye for the straight guy as i explained earlier, is a show i'll watch if i'm around; i like design, cooking and clothes, which this show peddles without the inane blithering of 'better homes and gardens'. The design and clothes are shockers sometimes and i still have no idea what the short one does but its funny and entertaining. Same with Backyard Blitz, shocking yes, but its very watchable, i think due to charisma of the presenters and not taking the whole thing serious.

The apprentice was ok but Trump is an ass. the business side is ok, the board room side gets exciting but the product placement and trump stuff is boring. Its gone in my 'not bothering anymore' pile. Idol was dull and Big Brother is stale now too.

And Iron Chef rules.


Anonymous said...

Iron chef will ALWAYS rule.

Especially when they title each episode like "peppered yam battle."




Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it's only on cable but I really got into American Chopper. Custom motor cycles -sweet.

- N

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