Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nominate, don't capitulate

Hooray, the end is near, the penultimate Ledger post And probably the hardest one as well.


Batrisha and the Slippery Shadow
Such a well rounded and cohesive work. Something for almost everyone.

Knee Pockets #2
I have given this issue a bit of a hard time but I think its a good book and deserves the recognition. I don't really think Anthologies should be in the Independent Category because a book with 10 contributors will get more votes than a single creator book (unless creators can't vote for themselves which will then disadvantage Anthologies). But then you have single creator anthologies which doesn't have the advantage.

Azerath #1-3
Three issues out this year, that's good output and an entertaining read as well.

He died with a falafel in his hand
I wanted to nominate Ryan vella for Best Writer but having not read the book I wasn't sure how much was the original text and how much was Ryan. But all in all its a very entertaining book. I think Ryan should also be nominated in the "Favourite Achievement Award" for getting published big time.

The Crumpleton Experiments #4
Very atmospheric stuff.

Again there's a whole bunch of other titles that miss out;
Hairbutt the Hippo - soft boiled tales, I haven't mentioned Jason Paulos much in my suggestions but Soft Boiled Tales is a good overall book. If you have no problems with nominating anthologies you can't go past Killeroo Book 2.
The Wraith and The Watch were both technically good (good art, production) but they didn't resonate with me. I think there was more stronger work in the Small Press side than the Independent Press side, but then there is so much confusion between the two I don't know what should go in where.

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Anonymous said...

> Batrisha and the Slippery Shadow

Excellent, but definitely published in 2003.