Monday, January 03, 2005

Nominate, don't retaliate

Bits and peices
I read through Naked fella #8 and it was better than i remember - but have found out that it was released in October 2003 and not eligible.

I got Tonia's new Anthology "Meus Officium Est Abyssus" and it rocks so hard. Is it possible that since it was released so late in the year we consider it for next year's awards? Because it should win stuff but without the book being in people's hands its not going to get votes.

I should state that there are books I haven't read this year so don't take these suggestions as all encompassing.

In the Best Writer category I forgot to mention Marc Schmidt, the fella that did Egg Story from Slave Labor. So consider him.

I picked up Nicola Scott's Star Wars work and was blown away, she's really improved in the last year and would suggest considering her in the Best Artist category and Star Wars Empire #26 and 27 in the International Title category.

Apologies to PC and the Azerath crew, i keep calling it Azrath instead of Azerath.

I've got the 3 more Categories to look at; Best Small Press, Best Independent and Ledger of Honour, so I should be done by Thursday, leaving one day to actually fill out the form. Check out the archives for stuff you may have missed.

-Gah- and then I'll have to think of something different to blog about.

Most of the comics I mention can be bought through, check them out at least the final nominees.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Michael Leunig for Ledger of Honour. His comics have been made into animated films, he's put out dozens of books, has a regular cartoon in The Age (I think it's The Age) and has been classified as one of Australia's (or Melbourne's, again I forget) living treasures. I can't think of a single person more deserving of the Ledger of Honour.

Good lists, by the way.


Mark Selan said...

You read my mind

Anonymous said...

Gary Chaloner is a good choice for the ledgers even if he did invent them but so is Tonia Walden I can't think of anyone who has inspired more local people in the past ten years then these two.